Wednesday, 8 August 2007


The other day while we driving home Reuben had an idea - "Let's make Bionicle masks! Do we have any boxes Mum?"

Well it just so happens that I hate to throw away a box. I have rather a large collection of boxes but I was getting really close to putting my tower of pizza boxes (that's what my scrapbooking prizes come in) into the recycling. I'm so glad I didn't because Susannah did a great job of crafting six masks.

She made Reuben's first and made hers last. Reuben was a bit put out that Susannah was doing special cutting effects on her mask - she had all the benefit of her previous mask-making experience.


Anonymous said...

Cool.. and so quick. You must have been thinking about it on the way home. I think my vote goes to ?Declan in the top left of the page. Well done Susannah.


Nae said...

wow what fun i want a mask lol. Looks like the kids had a blast Diane.