Saturday, 13 November 2010

Playing with Paint and Ink and Stencils

There was a time when I could not bear to get ink and paint on my fingers. I'm over it. :)
Yesterday afternoon the kids played in the pool and I played with a friend in the cool.
We made the most of an opportunity to whip out the stencils, ink, paint and go for it.
It's amazing how much you learn as you experiment.
Here's a sample of what I did with my fave stencil - Mary Beth Shaw's River Rocks stencil - Tim Holtz Adirondack Color Wash Inks, and a bit of black acrylic paint.

So, a great Color Wash back ground...

Gotta love those Posca Paint Pens!

I made a print with the black paint left on the stencil and while the stencil was on the page I sprayed the colour in. Oh how I love the result!!!

I wanted to see what the whole thing would look like with a black background so I purposefully took this photo with the intent of Photoshopping in the black.

Then without an ounce of agonising I filled in most of the background to see what it looked like. I like. :)

And then after my friend went home and I was packing up I got all arty with my administrative duties and sprayed some envelopes and added a layer to my Art Journal page and then printed the excess on a spare sheet of paper. Mmmmmm. I love those colours.

All in all... very satisfying.
That's all for now.

Friday, 12 November 2010

After Andy Goldsworthy

Clover flowers
arranged in a spiral
patch of dirt
back yard

Onion weed and rambling rose
hot sun beating down
green grass
back yard

wet-the-beds, clover flowers
wind whipping up the gardenia leaves
sun drying the flowers
back yard

Message from Malachi
onion weed and elephant ear
hot sun
back yard

As you are probably already aware, I am a HUGE fan of Andy Goldsworthy. And again I have been inspired by him when I watched this video yesterday.

And now I wish I could find the After Andy Goldsworthy creation that Annelise and I made many, many years ago. I really have no idea where it is, although I know I saw it not that long ago.


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Yes! I am alive!!!

And I have been squeezing in a bit of art journalling here and there (with the help of Art Journaling 103 at Get It Scrapped with Dina Wakley) just so that I don't go completely insane.

Here is a pictorial catch up.

I was trying to do watercolour technique with inks that didn't respond in a watercolour way and happed upon a different and very fun (also addictive at the time) technique.

Then I was working with Tim Holtz's Adirondack (I love that word!!!) Color Wash - they are AWESOME. Remind me to show you what Soph did to her boring t-shirt.

This one says 'OME is where the ART is, but in my zeal for layers I have managed to make it so that the first word I see is VOMIT!!! Sorry if you didn't see that - you'll see it now - maybe.

Testing out my Posca Paint Pens, Australia's substitute for Sharpie Paint Markers and a fine substitute they are too - they're awesome!

That's all for now.