Monday, 29 September 2008

The Last Post

For now, at least, and in words of Scott of the Antarctic, said with a stiff upper lip, "I may be some time."

The 'puters are being packed today and we have no connection to the Internet, yet, where we are going.

I'm changing my email address to mama.pud at gmail dot com

Saturday, 27 September 2008


I'm taking a momentary break.

Innocent? I think not.

I was packing the blankets and other bedding and remembered that my pink blanket was in my room and thought it would be a good idea to put it in the box with all the others.

I headed downstairs fully intent on getting the blanket. Alas, I was distracted. By what? I looked out the window as I heard Susannah firmly telling Hudson to go to Mum. In that instant I saw Hudson, firmly refusing to do what he was told, walking towards the house with yellow paint splashed down the front of his clothes.

I proceeded outside, relieved Susannah of her stress, told Hudson to stand in the middle of the lawn, ordered Reuben to switch on the hose, and hosed Hudson down.

At that moment it occurred to me that I could/should've take/n a photo as I recalled an earlier blog post regarding paint. Too bad. Most, but not all, of the paint washed out of the clothes. Hudson was dressed into dry clothes and I headed back to what I was doing - well that is what I thought.

I sealed the blanket box, stacked it in the ever increasing pile of boxes and wondered what to pack next. Then I remembered - the pink blanket. Oh well. It will have to go into another box.

While we're on the subject of packing...

Where is the pen?

This is Sophie-Lee's solution.

Other questions...
Where is the packing tape?
Where are my rubber gloves?
What was I doing?
Why is this here when I put it there?

...You get the gist.

Thursday, 25 September 2008


I am having the greatest fun packing. One of my fave things to do is clean out and consolidate. And then there is cleaning - the amount of dust, cobwebs and other things is mind-blowing (yet not altogether surprising - is that oxymoronic?). Too much fun to have in one day!!!

Except for the empty shelves, the lounge/dining/kitchen look relatively normal, but head up to the rumpus room and you will encounter the depot look. I stole the 'depot' term from my Mum who has just recently moved.

Interestingly, nearly ALL my family will haved moved (major, significant-type moves) this year.

Things I have noticed...
- Any time after I have sealed the box, I will find another piece that should go in that box.
- I reckon that even when the house appears to be completely empty I could find another piece of Lego!
- There will always be an odd sock!
- There will always be a bit of Blu Tac or Pritt Sticky Stuff (much better) stuck somewhere (besides the carpet!).

That's all for now.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

In My Garden

There's Spring in my garden - just a little bit. My wallflower is in full bloom having benefitted from a hard prune - a reminder of my lovely friend who gave it to me (the flower, not the pruning!!!).

The star flowers and grape hyacinths are popping up all over the place. But the flower that is grabbing my attention as I walk out the back door is this beautiful daffodil. (I did an action or two to the photo - I have no idea what, really, but I found it here if you want to try it out for yourself.)

These are no ordinary yellow daffodils (they've already done their thing) these are Pink Charm Daffodils - beautiful soft white on the outside with a pinkish apricot centre - sounds like a chocolate!!! I wouldn't eat them though - they're poisonous and you might get a bit of unwanted protein (spot the spider!).

The tulip leaves are up and promising a show of flowers. They have a week to show me something. One week today - we move.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Burning those Kay Jays!

I stepped on the scales this morning and it said LO. I had a chuckle cos only a few days ago I read this.

Any stress I might feel about moving is being directed to the fat cells in my body as per this.

Just thought you might like to know all that!

One week til we move!!!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Wool Art

I am practicing what I have preached - take a photo and get rid of it!

During my packing fun I found this wool art sandwiched between the glass and the backing board of a broken A4 frame sitting on a shelf, where it has been for years. So, I took a photo. I didn't actually get rid of the wool but put it in a bag and packed it with my scrappy/craft stuff.

I just happen to have a photo of the occasion when I made it - a/an homeschooling activity - September 2003

There's the lovely Kimbo, Robbie, Janelle, Mick and Ellie. And a few others that you may recognise.

Creative Recycling

The other day I enjoyed sorting out all my scraps of cardstock and patterned paper. I keep them in a 12x12 ring binder with top-loading sleeves according to colour. I decided to throw all the little bits out and keep bigger bits that I was more likely to use, so my paper recycling shoe box became chockers with lots of colourful scraps. Being the kind of person I am, I couldn't bear to just throw them all away, and cooked up a plan for the kids.

So on Sunday arvo, with the weather outside not conducive to soccer playing, I set up an occupation for any, or all, who were interested. I stuck 4 big sheets of paper together (we only used half of it in the end), brought out my basket of punches, and the full-to-overflowing recycling box. Oh, and I dug out the glue sticks which I had already packed at the bottom of a big box of scrappy stuff.

I did take photos of the kids at work - Robbie and Susannah stuck at it (no pun intended) all afternoon, and then Sophie-Lee and Susannah continued into the night - but by some terrible twist of fate (or mismanagament on my part) those photos and some other special photos taken the day before have all disappointingly disappeared.

This is the result. An A1-sized (which, in case you don't know, is 8 times A4) collage, coated in structure gel to help stick it all down and give it a finished look.


To keep my sanity and to fulfil my commitment to doing all the Mixed Media challenges at Blue Bazaar I have been playing with mixed media.

For convenience I decided to keep this piece relatively small - 6"x4".

I started with a bit of salvaged chipboard and coated it with gesso. It did occur to me to do the back but I didn't want to. Then I coated the gesso with structure gel (that's my texture paste for this challenge). While the structure gel was wet I stamped my favourite Fancy Pants flourish stamp into it and then left it to dry over night (not the stamp. I washed that!)

The next day I painted different colours onto the textured surface using Making Memories acrylic paint and Reeves acrylic paint.

I added some very fine glitter which a I got at the Scrapbooking Convention on the long weekend (and can't remember where from or what it is called and it doesn't say on the container!) and let that dry.

Last night I added some byzantia 'paint' but I didn't like what I did so I tried to wipe it off but it was too dry already, so I painted over it with the original colours that were under it! :)

This morning I painted the teal line that moves across and then poured some Opals powder of the same colour onto it and set the heat gun onto it. The heat changed the colour of the glitter from hot pink to multi-coloured.

Then to finished the whole thing off I added three layers of clear Opals to the whole lot. This is when the chipboard decided to curl up. I've managed to flatten it a bit.

Okay. So I called it 'move' because I made it during packing for our big move in 12 days time and I want to remind myself to move - you know, exercise!

So there you have it.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

This Photo Makes Me Smile

I think this is my all time favourite photo (that I have taken). I'm working on upping the ante but this one remains at the top for now.

Recently I submitted this photo for the Centro Smile Competition and it is one of the 20 finalists for Armidale's Centro. I just happened to be in the shopping centre yesterday and sure enough, there is my photo, enlarged, amongst the other 19 finalists.

I just found out that now you can even be part of the competition and win a $5000 shopping spree.

Hennyway, go check it out!

We Will

I don't think I have ever shown you this one.

I did it in January for Lusi's Top 10. This layout started out as a doodling layout but ended up as a bling layout. The photo here has no bling, but in the mag (Scrapbook Creations 58) you can see the bling (it's around the heart).

Products: Basic Grey PP; Zig Writer; Zig millennium Pen; KaiserCraft Rhinestones.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Decorate Life

It's only called that because I had a rub-on with those words. And why not? The girls (and boy) had such a great time dressing up in the Paris' fancy dressing up clothes.

I did this layout for September's Aussie Scrap Music challenge which is Architecture in Helsinki's Fumble.

I was instantly inspired by the books and the paint in the clip. I didn't even listen to the music or read the lyrics! Also, I am on a bit of a roll to use up bits and pieces that I might not otherwise use. Hence the rather extensive product list!

{And, in case you are wondering, I did this layout in August and even wrote this post then too! I have packed up my scrapping supplies for now and will revisit them in October, DV, in a new scrapping space in a new house in Woronora Heights!}

Products:Bazzill; Hamlet book; Making Memories acrylic paint; Rub-ons:Fancy Pants, Heidi Swapp Fuzzy, Provo Craft Memory, MOD Designs, Cherry Arte, Making Memories; Love Elsie Self Adhesive fabric; Love Elsie Cardboard Stickers; Making Memories Ledger Text; Stampin' Up Spiral Punch; Zig Writer; and Uniball Gel Pen.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

eBay For Me and You

At long last, I have gotten (sorry Kimbo) myself, with the help of DD, around to doing some eBay selling. With our big move imminent I thought it was time to get rid of a few scrapbooking things that are taking up space. Although they are all perfectly good things, I don't use them. You can check them out HERE.

There will be more soon - not necessarily scrapbooking related..

Monday, 8 September 2008

Bonzer Weekend

Warning - Longish post. May/may not update and add links later.

I had a bonzer weekend.

There was nothing stressful that made me feel overwhelmed or regretful of going. On Friday it poured torrential rain all the way from Armidale to Sawtell. The road had been flooded, or blocked with falling rocks, on and off all day, but we managed to get through without even knowing that. Others, who were going to the church camp, were held up for 45 mins and still others went home to try again later, or not.

Unlike last year, DH and I got to sleep in the same cabin, and all the kids were calm and happy. Despite the overwhelming stink of antibacterial bin bags, toilet perfume and whatever they washed blankets in, we managed to get through the weekend without too much brain fog - the kids played well, ate well (mostly) and slept well.

Gerald Bray spoke brilliantly. His 4 messages Faith, Hope, Love, These Three, were profound and simple at the same time. Refreshing and, of course, convicting. I think the messages will be up on the St Pete's website soon (I hope) and they are well worth listening to - even if you are not spiritual, religious, or even if you don't believe in God. They're the best! {Updated: You find the sessions here.}

Saturday and Sunday were clear warm days that belied the fact that it had rained ridiculously the day before. This has been my experience for 3 church camps now. We went to the beach Sat arvo in the free time and the kids swam - not me - not my idea of fun.

We stayed a little bit longer on Sunday arvo cos Neil P and fam had mistakenly booked Sunday night as well. That worked well for us (and possible them as well). I cooked up a bag of potatoes for lunch - the only thing I had left to eat besides rice crackers - while the kids played in the bush.

The bush proved to be dangerous!!! Reuben was stung (or is that bitten?) by a huge ant (don't know what type - maybe this one) and you would've thought he was being murdered - yelling at the top of his voice "Aaaaah. There's another one. Get it off me. Aaaaah. Get it off." Running to the rescue I found him writhing and bellowing, with the other kids in various states of panic spotting more ants all over him. As it turned out he only had one sting (bite) and after putting ice on it and an application of some "Special Cream That Stops The Pain And/Or Itching" Reuben was better and we heard no more about it.

We arrived back in Armidale just in time to drop Sophie-Lee off for music practice (she was playing piano at church) and head to a friend's place to feed ourselves before church.

As we arrived at church Malachi showed me a spot he had on his chest - little reddish lump with black spot in the middle - like 1.5 mm diameter. Didn't think anything about it and said that we'd look at it later. But Mal was not happy about that and started complaining bitterly about the irritation. So I took him out to the bathroom to take a closer look. Now the spot wasn't black, it was white. Someone else 'just happened' to be there at the same time and told me it was a tick.

My brain clicked into Google Search mode bringing up what I knew about ticks - NOT much. The lady said "Just get some tweezers and pull it out." It just so happened that I had some tweezers in the same place as the "Special Cream That Stops The Pain And/Or Itching" so dashed out the the car to get tweezers, removed the tick head, and headed back into church.

When we got home I decided to check everyone over. No one else, it seems at this point, had any ticks, but Malachi had another one on his back. I then actually Google Searched and found conflicting information about how to go about removing a tick. I went with my previously successful tweezer removal, relying on the lady's calm personal experience of ticks and tick removal.