Thursday, 18 September 2008

Creative Recycling

The other day I enjoyed sorting out all my scraps of cardstock and patterned paper. I keep them in a 12x12 ring binder with top-loading sleeves according to colour. I decided to throw all the little bits out and keep bigger bits that I was more likely to use, so my paper recycling shoe box became chockers with lots of colourful scraps. Being the kind of person I am, I couldn't bear to just throw them all away, and cooked up a plan for the kids.

So on Sunday arvo, with the weather outside not conducive to soccer playing, I set up an occupation for any, or all, who were interested. I stuck 4 big sheets of paper together (we only used half of it in the end), brought out my basket of punches, and the full-to-overflowing recycling box. Oh, and I dug out the glue sticks which I had already packed at the bottom of a big box of scrappy stuff.

I did take photos of the kids at work - Robbie and Susannah stuck at it (no pun intended) all afternoon, and then Sophie-Lee and Susannah continued into the night - but by some terrible twist of fate (or mismanagament on my part) those photos and some other special photos taken the day before have all disappointingly disappeared.

This is the result. An A1-sized (which, in case you don't know, is 8 times A4) collage, coated in structure gel to help stick it all down and give it a finished look.


Ann Lederhose said...

WOW, they have been busy. Looks so cool! You should frame it! :D

Dayleen said...

Great effect Diane. A wall art for the new house. Great idea and hours of fun for the family.