Thursday, 18 September 2008


To keep my sanity and to fulfil my commitment to doing all the Mixed Media challenges at Blue Bazaar I have been playing with mixed media.

For convenience I decided to keep this piece relatively small - 6"x4".

I started with a bit of salvaged chipboard and coated it with gesso. It did occur to me to do the back but I didn't want to. Then I coated the gesso with structure gel (that's my texture paste for this challenge). While the structure gel was wet I stamped my favourite Fancy Pants flourish stamp into it and then left it to dry over night (not the stamp. I washed that!)

The next day I painted different colours onto the textured surface using Making Memories acrylic paint and Reeves acrylic paint.

I added some very fine glitter which a I got at the Scrapbooking Convention on the long weekend (and can't remember where from or what it is called and it doesn't say on the container!) and let that dry.

Last night I added some byzantia 'paint' but I didn't like what I did so I tried to wipe it off but it was too dry already, so I painted over it with the original colours that were under it! :)

This morning I painted the teal line that moves across and then poured some Opals powder of the same colour onto it and set the heat gun onto it. The heat changed the colour of the glitter from hot pink to multi-coloured.

Then to finished the whole thing off I added three layers of clear Opals to the whole lot. This is when the chipboard decided to curl up. I've managed to flatten it a bit.

Okay. So I called it 'move' because I made it during packing for our big move in 12 days time and I want to remind myself to move - you know, exercise!

So there you have it.


Peg said...

LOL... like moving house with 7 kids ISN'T exercise!!!

manda said...

Colours are gorgeous! They invoke a lot of energy - which you must have to complete the challenge at the same time that so much else is happening in your life.