Monday, 31 December 2007

I scrapbooked today.

I'm just a little bit excited, seeing as I haven't scrapbooked since November some time. I have done little creative things, and painted rooms - not with art, though there is an art to painting walls :) - but scrapbooking was buried under piles of books, papers, magazines, clothes, and even Christmas presents.

It's all cleared now (well, as best as I can under the circumstances) and I have done two layouts for Aussie Scrapjacked. I love the simplicity of Sarah Van Wijck's layouts and just wanted to join in the jacking fun.
Here is one of Sarah's layouts and my jack of it.

And here is the one that Sarah actually did for Aussie Scrapjacked and my rendition.

Sunday, 30 December 2007


The People

The Presents

I received lots and lots of presents - here are some of the creative highlights.

There was a lot of secretive business going on with Douglas and Susannah. All I knew was that it involved the ends of my garden bench, which had fallen apart and been relegated to the trailer. On Christmas Day I was pleasantly surprised to be given my garden bench again, only this time in a much sturdier form - FABULOUS!

When I unwrapped this set of wooden kitchen things with a printed sheet that explained what the utensils were for I was just a little ho-hum. Then I found out that Dad had actually made them and I became just a little emotional. I thought he even did the info sheet on the computer but Mum photocopied it from an article in the newspaper. Aren't they a clever pair?!

I am pleased to be the proud owner of another of my children's artworks. Here is a beautiful watercolour pencil work of a lily in the back yard done by Susannah.

My sister's huband's brother (or, my brother-in-law's brother) does these lovely little metal art works. He collects pieces of metal that he finds on his walks - pieces that have character worn into them by weather, time and even human forces - and then he constructs (for want of a better word) little artworks. Colin collected quite a few little bits and pieces just on our street and made a little collection - here is the one I chose.

And, even though this wasn't a present, I like the mood of this photo taken by Annelise on her Canon EOS 400D - a gorgeous little digital SLR which I happened to get for Christmas too - Lucky me!

The Peculiar

You want to know what these are all about? I haven't the time to explain right now. Maybe later. They make me smile.

Monday, 24 December 2007


I had plans, ideas, grand schemes... I was going to make a whole pile of these gorgeous little peace birdies (the idea of which I got from Ngaire and have unashamedly copied - thanks Ngai) and give them to ALL my friends and family. If you got one you're 'lucky' (in the loosest sense of the word). If you didn't get one, please forgive me and remember that I still love you :)

And I'll leave you with this thought: There is a peace that passes all understanding. It can be found through Jesus Christ the Lord. Read about Jesus in John's gospel.

God bless and Merry Christmas.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Just quickly...

There are lots of things happening in the kids' creative realm but I just haven't taken photos and dealt with them.

So today, because I happen to have a photo, I'll show you one of Reuben's latest drawings. Reuben filled his art book in under two weeks with the most amazing drawings. I like his style. Here is my fave, at the moment.

And now, a photo of some beautiful (actually, the orange ones were magnificently, the most superlatively beautiful) roses. Gwenda brought these over last week and they sat on my kitchen windowsill for nearly a whole day before I just had to put them outside. Their perfume was absolutely gorgeous but it gave me a migraine so the roses went the way of most scented flowers - out to the front landing, where they can be seen but not smelled (or is that smelt?).

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Flour Bags, Petals and White Board Art

Where do I start? Hudson has had a little pillow as his bedtime 'thing' since he was very little. We realised about a year ago that we needed to have a supply of them so that we always had a clean one available. Somehow or other, Hudson manages to lose them - we have lost about 5 so far and there are 2 left. So... I decided to make a few more, except I have been ruthless in my clearing out and ALL the material scraps have gone to a better place!

I have a characteristic that can be a bane but it can also prove to be a blessing - I find it hard to throw away things that I think could be useful some day - shoe boxes, calico flour bags, big strong plastic bags...

Well, can you see what is coming? I made two more pillows out of little calico bags - one from Demeter and one that had a 'squashy hat' in it. Now I just have to convince Hudson that they will be quite suitable to sleep with. I have written "Have pillow will sleep" on them and my mobile phone number. Do you think we'll be able to hang onto them until Hudson no longer needs a pillow to sleep?

The other night we couldn't find a clean pillow. Hudson set up camp near the washing machine to wait for it to be washed and dried. He finally fell asleep without it at nearly midnight. He could've had Declan's little pillow but it is made with flannelette and Hudson can't bear the feel of it.

When I went outside to photograph the pillows I found this icecream container full of rose petals. It brought back memories. I remember collecting cherry blossom flowers and making "perfume" in jars. The 'scent' was absolutely beor.di.fool!!! - in my imagination, anyway.

Give Susannah something to draw with and something to draw on and voila!!!

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