Monday, 31 December 2007

I scrapbooked today.

I'm just a little bit excited, seeing as I haven't scrapbooked since November some time. I have done little creative things, and painted rooms - not with art, though there is an art to painting walls :) - but scrapbooking was buried under piles of books, papers, magazines, clothes, and even Christmas presents.

It's all cleared now (well, as best as I can under the circumstances) and I have done two layouts for Aussie Scrapjacked. I love the simplicity of Sarah Van Wijck's layouts and just wanted to join in the jacking fun.
Here is one of Sarah's layouts and my jack of it.

And here is the one that Sarah actually did for Aussie Scrapjacked and my rendition.


Louise said...

Adore 'Cherish' Diane!!!!


Petrina McDonald said...

I always enjoy checking out your interpretation of the jack - once again you didn't disappoint!