Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hey Mum!!! You've been pranked!

And now lesson 9 of Building Pages at Get It Scrapped.

There are pranks and there are pranks.
There's a show on ABC 3 called Prank Patrol where a viewer and the ABC team think up and pull off some very elaborate pranks.
In our family we like the simple ones that just catch us out because we weren't expecting anything. We don't like pranks that upset others or hurt people or make a mess (I said that one!).
Like a card trick or an optical illusion, our pranks don't need too much explanation after the fact.
I did a double take when I saw Reuben with his fingers "stuck" between the slats of the picnic table at Curtis Park. He set me up and and got me good. The reason it worked? It would not be unlikely for Reuben to get his fingers stuck.

I really wanted to put staples on this page but couldn't decide where so I left them off. I had fun using some lime green masking tape that I bought for my birthday recently. :)

Speaking of pranks. We played a prank on DH on Christmas Day.
Here's how it went...
Reuben was supposed to be continually taking a video of the day, documenting every silly little thing so that DH wouldn't be suspicious when we videoed the prank.
Anyway, he didn't but it still worked.
We live on a road that has a Clearway both morning and evening. I had questioned whether Clearways were in force on public holidays - I couldn't find anything in a quick Google search. DH reckoned that it would be fine to park out the front.
So... I, being totally unprepared for Christmas, stayed up until 2 o'clock Christmas morning. I couldn't bear the thought of having the van towed away on Christmas Day so I moved it before I went to bed.
Reuben and I waited quietly and patiently for the moment when I could ask DH if he moved the car. The moment arrived at about 3 o'clock.

Here's a dreadful, but effective, recording of the ensuing scenes

DH looking out the window and the seeing that the car is not there and me putting the thought in his head that it might have been towed away. So naughty. DH asked if I moved it and I said that I had it parked out there (that's not lying, you know, cos I did- before!!!) then DH quickly going to the front window to look again.
The look on his face is PRICELESS. We couldn't keep it up any longer cos why on earth would Reuben be pointing the video camera right in DH's face.

Ghost Gloves

I've scrapbooked about my purple rubber(not) gloves before and I can't say that I won't again.

Here is my latest layout involving purple gloves.

The other day the phone rang and I just whipped off the gloves and left them on the chicken. Caitlin thought they looked cool and asked me to take some photos - so I did.
The colours were a bit yukky so I did a bit of fiddling in Photoshop. Somehow I managed to agonise way too much over this layout. Eventually I just got over it and stuck stuff down.

Oh and BTW... This is for Lesson 8 of Building Pages at Get It Scrapped.

Friday, 19 February 2010

In front of the lens

It's not often I get a photo of DH and when I do it is usually quite awkward. But this time I think I did good. I was testing a lens and pushed the limit so that the poses had finished and the question marked eyebrows had faded - there's a genuine smile. Now he knows a little bit of what it's like to be at the other end of the lens!

This is for Lesson 7 of Building Pages at Get It Scrapped. BTW... This is one of THE BEST scrapbooking classes I have ever done, online or IRL.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Australia Day 2010

I'm not sure that you are seeing the same colours as me. The background is a creamy yellow with lemon zest glimmermist sprayed across the middle. I had fun making the diamonds and cutting out my little map of Australia.

I'm so glad we could use our pool on Australia Day. Only the week before it looked like this.

And only 2 days before it had a scummy froth on top that looked like this.

With the installation of a reconditioned pump, the application of lots of chemicals and a few hours' worth of man-power from DH the pool was good to go for our Australia Day party.

This Australia Day, more than any others, was a time when I wanted to do things typically Australian. Don't know why. Sophie-Lee wanted to have a party so we invited family and friends over to hang out, listen to music, play games, swim and have a barbecue. The weather was good enough, the company was great and we had a bonzer Australia Day.

I have to admit that I have been inspired by Ania DÄ…browska and her blog and even though it is not particularly the same this is where I started.

Monday, 15 February 2010

C and G

Scrapping for the Building Pages class I have been doing is been fun. Here is my Lesson 6 instalment.

I just realised today that I have scrapped a few layouts of Caitlin and Grace over the years so I went and looked.

Here they are...

2007 - I don't know what happened here. This layout is totally lacking in information!

2005 or 2006?

Sunday, 14 February 2010

This is love...

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.
1 John 4:10

Last week My friend and I played with paper and gel medium and had a great deal of creative fun. We started out doing some collage ready to make confined collages of the Dina Wakley kind (which you can learn to to if you do this fabulous class.)

Today, I cut out my collaged sheets to make a few hearts. Then I sewed them in random order (slightly painful) to a ribbon and thanked God profusely that the ribbon lasted to the very end of my sewing. Voila!

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Every time I look at this photo I have a little chuckle. Just seeing those eyebrows makes me laugh! That's what I captured when Caitlin said "Hey Mum! Take a photo of me falling." She was hanging from the swing framework at Curtis Park in Armidale - one of the kids' favourite parks. They like falling from the arch and pretending to be dead. Whatever!!!!

So this is Layout #2 for Blue Bazaar's Crop Bootcamp.

Vampire of Edgeville

More Building Pages with Debbie Hodge at Get it Scrapped.

Reuben ran and got his towel and posed as "The Vampire of Edgeville when I said I wanted to take a photo of him with the textas on his head. That's what he called himself. Why Edgeville? No particular reason - the name just had to have "ville" in it. I don't know what the textas have to do with it. Maybe this vampire sucks textas. I wouldn't put it past him. :)

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Crop Bootcamp is on again

Blue Bazaar is have another Crop Bootcamp and I'm having a go, in amongst all the things that are going on at the moment.
Here's #1

Saturday, 6 February 2010

White Space on Black Cardstock

More Building Pages with Debbie Hodge at Get it Scrapped.

I'm still working my way through photos that I already have at my disposal. Sometimes if I leave the photo too long before I scrap it I end up not scrapping it. Does that make sense? Not really, but you know what I mean. I was a bit worried about the purple in the photo and might have reprinted it in black and white if I hadn't given myself the challenge to just scrap the photos I have.

Hennyway. Here's the lovely Mal again. He doesn't feature in layouts as much normally because he doesn't put himself in front of the camera but as you can see from this cute smile he obviously doesn't mind having his photo taken. What a sweetie!

I love those Hambly rub-ons. I also love those Thickers too. I said to Caitlin I bet there's a letter missing and sure enough there was - the 'o' - so I constructed one. Just thought I'd point that out!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Building Pages

That's what I am doing. A class called Building Pages with Debbie Hodge at Get it Scrapped.

There is not much space in my head at the moment so I am just keeping it relatively simple. Debbie said "Make what you will of it" so I did!

I'm using the photos that I printed off just after Christmas so I really do need to "get it scrapped".

The first photo I scrapped is a cute one of Malachi looking very Christmassy and Summery at the same time. I wanted to have Christmas as the title but it was too long for what I wanted. I thought, and agonised, about using the ubiquitous 'x' to shorten the word knowing, in my mind at least, that the x stands for Christ but I could hear the voices saying "Leave the Christ in Christmas!"
After more consideration I believe I was inspired. What else could it have been? I decided to use the Christian Fish Symbol (which I always knew as the Ioxes - don't know why - but it is called Ichthys) and I'm pleased with the result. Even if I say so myself!

The second photo - Declan eating an icy pole. Mmmmmm. Home-made lemonade icy poles. We have made 100s of them this summer. We have a constant (mostly) supply of them.

This layout is based on inspiration from the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci numbers. Man oh man, I love maths!!!

Here's my layout.

Monday, 1 February 2010

At another time...

I've had this photo for a while. I might have been subconsciously waiting to do a fandangly layout with this special photo but my practical need was to scrapbook. And NOW.

At another time I might have scrapbooked this photo way differently.
But it isn't another time so this is what I have done.

I saw a bit of yellow cardstock, some red cardstock and that wiggly black bit of printed paper on my desk and thought "Hmmmm. They look okay together." The 'Beautiful' piece was sitting on my desk from when I cut it out of a magazine the other day.

I wish I could remember the photographer's name but pretty much all names and dates, figures and the likes are not available for recall (brain overload - memory full - need external backup hard drive!!!). Suffice it to say this was a Weight Watchers photo shoot that I was invited to in October and then this photo and a story (yes, a STORY - as in, it was a bit made up) about me were in the December issue of Weight Watchers Magazine. All very exciting really.

That's all for now.