Monday, 1 February 2010

At another time...

I've had this photo for a while. I might have been subconsciously waiting to do a fandangly layout with this special photo but my practical need was to scrapbook. And NOW.

At another time I might have scrapbooked this photo way differently.
But it isn't another time so this is what I have done.

I saw a bit of yellow cardstock, some red cardstock and that wiggly black bit of printed paper on my desk and thought "Hmmmm. They look okay together." The 'Beautiful' piece was sitting on my desk from when I cut it out of a magazine the other day.

I wish I could remember the photographer's name but pretty much all names and dates, figures and the likes are not available for recall (brain overload - memory full - need external backup hard drive!!!). Suffice it to say this was a Weight Watchers photo shoot that I was invited to in October and then this photo and a story (yes, a STORY - as in, it was a bit made up) about me were in the December issue of Weight Watchers Magazine. All very exciting really.

That's all for now.


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