Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Project 30

Project 365 has become quite a popular challenge over the past few years. I've followed various friends and artists as they eagerly set out on their attempt to take a  photo every day for a year and I've been there as the stragglers are still clicking away at the end of the year.
Me? Tempted? No.
I'm happy to do a photo a day for a month - Project 30, if you will.
I've done that for 3 years now. I usually do September or November - the 30-day months.
Last year I did November and they have been sitting in a file waiting for my attention.

So without further ado... (click on the collage to see a bigger version.)

So, what can you see in my 30 photos?
A pretty weed
Moses and Mamachi
Mal with a macho towel arrangement
The kids on Caitlin's birthday
My paints arranged in rainbow order ready to be catalogued (Gosh, that was fun!!!)
A collection of garlic stalks!!!
The reproductive part of an hibiscus flower
A sketch of Soph at piano lessons
Kelly's hand with her new nailpolish
Graffiti at Kingsgrove Station
The contents of a fun parcel from Glenda
Hudson in his favourite get-up - soccer pajamas, soccer socks, soccer shoes - has been known to wear in public :)
Knotted Slinky -  Caitlin still has hers in perfect condition. Guess who doesn't.
My ironed ironing pile - that was in November 2010. Since then I have decided not to iron - a decision of epic proportions! ( Just to clarify - I've decided not to iron and to put the t-shirts straight into the kids' draws cos they look the same when they come out anyway.)
A background made to be chopped up to make decorations etc. I'll show you some cards that I made some time.
Part of a page I did in Dina Wakley's AJ103 - LOVE her classes.
The tip of my new found Posca Paint Pen - Australia's substitute for Shaprie Paint Markers and a fine substitue they are too - they're awesome!
Young Nick, awkwardly posed, on Waffle Day (our new Sunday tradition - still going strong)
The cutest chookie ever - can't remember her name - so calm and placid.
Selfie - Me and Kelly
Hudson being a bunny at the P.O.P. (People of Praise - homeschool drama, dance and art) performance.
Happy Little Vegemites with rosy cheeks
Collection of found things while packing my art room
Jacaranda skies - words cannot describe the sheer delight I have in the pretty purple carpet made with jacaranda flowers and now we have one in the back yard. I can't wait 'til November 2011.
Drop sheet for my inking projects
Caitlin - first swim of the season
Soph sitting by the pool
A photo of a reflection of our van in a window in... you guessed it... Earlwood! I take photos of the reflection of our van. No, seriously. I do!
Inky fingers
The kids LOVED P.O.P.

That'll do ya.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

It has been a long, long time.

It has been a long, long time. I'm sorry :(
Since the 13th November (my last post) we have moved house - that's no small feat from any perspective.
Unlike the last time we moved where my art room was the first room set up, this time my art room is the last room to be sorted - it's nearly ready to roll though and I can't wait to do a bit of scrapbooking, art, or craft.
While I am/you are waiting here are a few of my favourite creations from the past year (in no particular order)..
Interestingly, 2010 was light on as far as creating was concerned - probably (what's the term??? - oppositely proportional????) to the amount of stress.

I'm looking forward to 2011.
Some say that what you spend New Year's Day doing is the theme for the year.
I'm good with that!