Saturday, 13 November 2010

Playing with Paint and Ink and Stencils

There was a time when I could not bear to get ink and paint on my fingers. I'm over it. :)
Yesterday afternoon the kids played in the pool and I played with a friend in the cool.
We made the most of an opportunity to whip out the stencils, ink, paint and go for it.
It's amazing how much you learn as you experiment.
Here's a sample of what I did with my fave stencil - Mary Beth Shaw's River Rocks stencil - Tim Holtz Adirondack Color Wash Inks, and a bit of black acrylic paint.

So, a great Color Wash back ground...

Gotta love those Posca Paint Pens!

I made a print with the black paint left on the stencil and while the stencil was on the page I sprayed the colour in. Oh how I love the result!!!

I wanted to see what the whole thing would look like with a black background so I purposefully took this photo with the intent of Photoshopping in the black.

Then without an ounce of agonising I filled in most of the background to see what it looked like. I like. :)

And then after my friend went home and I was packing up I got all arty with my administrative duties and sprayed some envelopes and added a layer to my Art Journal page and then printed the excess on a spare sheet of paper. Mmmmmm. I love those colours.

All in all... very satisfying.
That's all for now.


Peg said...

What, no gloves!
Welcome to the darkside ;-D

Anonymous said...

Love it all Di,
I think the second last one was my favourite, althought the black is effective.
Looks like a fun time was had.


MB Shaw said...

Ok, I have one word for you, my friend.......genius!!
Love it!!!

MarleneMAZ said...

Wow! these are fabulous!! I love that stencil you used, wonder if it is available over here in the USA...

Liette alias Pixelle said...

like so much your experimentation with that stencil...I have create one similar by my self and i adore it...i don't understand very well what you have done with photoshopping...?? for the black background, did you color that with photoshop??

Louise said...

Damned Fabulous Creating Girl!!!

PS Thank you v.much for the marker link!! Ive ordered some so Im sure you will get to see what youve inspired!!!!

Lou xxooxx

Heather Jacob said...

wow !!!! what an amazing talent you have, how do you do it ??? ..they are awesome, I absolutely love these... so artsy and colourful simply stunning ..
great blog too. i am going to go and browse some more ... hugs xo