Friday, 12 November 2010

After Andy Goldsworthy

Clover flowers
arranged in a spiral
patch of dirt
back yard

Onion weed and rambling rose
hot sun beating down
green grass
back yard

wet-the-beds, clover flowers
wind whipping up the gardenia leaves
sun drying the flowers
back yard

Message from Malachi
onion weed and elephant ear
hot sun
back yard

As you are probably already aware, I am a HUGE fan of Andy Goldsworthy. And again I have been inspired by him when I watched this video yesterday.

And now I wish I could find the After Andy Goldsworthy creation that Annelise and I made many, many years ago. I really have no idea where it is, although I know I saw it not that long ago.



Rett said...

These are beautiful, Diane! I love Andy Goldsworthy's artwork too.

Petrina McDonald said...

another fan here as well!! (of you and andy LOL!) good stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Speechless. You. At the moment. :-)