Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A Peek in my Sketch Book

I have been using the pages from a gold edged diary to do my sketches on. The diary is quite heavy so I pull out a signature and carry it around in my bag.  I am in the process of making some covers for the pages cos they get a bit tattered in my handbag.
Oh well.

Here are some pages in no particular order (that seems to be the way lately). DO you want some quick explanations? Okay.
At church - you can tell by the notes.

On the train to the city.

At church.

Marrickville Library - the time when Declan said he couldn't find a book to look at!!!

Caitlin in hospital in one of the moments of the 4 hours we were waiting to have an x-ray to see if her ribs were broken. They weren't.

Dr's surgery - obviously not a long wait.

Nate's dedication service (also my birthday). I like drawing the backs of people - it's much easier!

Susannah's foot - at church.

Inspired by Alisa Burke's shell page.

But obviously, I was already inspired by Alisa Burke cos I had done this one - finds on a bushwalk with a friend, and nanna and the kids.

And this blog post has inspired me no end. I heard about it from here, which I also found helpful.
I no longer fret about proportions or anything, I just draw. It is such a relief.

On the train into the city to go to the International Student Festival where our friend Kelly was nominated for International Student of the Year Award.

A parked car in Marrickville on Monday night while I was waiting to pick up Soph from her first babysitting job.

With this last one, which I did today, I drew my first line - the kerb - and that blue car came and parked right in front of me. He could've parked further forward or further back but, no!  So, the blue car was incorporated. It may have saved me some angst drawing the front of the house. I don't know.

(See the ground around the picture - dry, dead, waterless lawn!!!  Sydney in Summer 2010-2011)

That's all for now.

Friday, 4 March 2011

A Catch Up

It has been a long 3 months.
Long because I haven't felt like I have had the time to do the things that I want to do let alone the things that I need to do.
Never mind though, I am crawling out of the slump and may just get a couple of posts in before I slip back in or come out into the sunshine.
So here's a bit of a catch up. A collection of evidence that creativity does not cease just cos you can't see it on my blog!

In no particular order and with little explanation ... here goes.

Susannah's Grid Art - inspired at art class with P.O.P.
It was a matter of which looks better, white or black? So, as I do, I suggested taking a photo first.
You decide? It's permanently black now. Another way to do it is to colour it in digitally and decide then make the final marks if you like it.
I like it either way.

Then there are Susannah's Manga 12"x12" posters.

While we were in Armidale at the beginning of the year Caitlin starting sewing this little Cushion at Grace's place. She was very pleased with the finished piece with a cute little button sewn on for good measure. Thank you, Fay :)

Every so often a Lego creation emerges that just needs to be captured on camera - that's what I thought when I saw this cute robot. It's nearly as cute as the smile!

Soph started it. I found these pieces of fabric and wondered where they were from what they were for - Soph bought them to make a bag. Eventually, with a deadline, we (the royal) knuckled down and got a bag made. And we (the royal) were quite pleased with it.

A hurried couple of photos before Soph headed off to Summer Camp show you a bag with legs!!!!
It is a roomy, completely reversible, multi-functional bag. The only problem is... the red ran all over the shop and now the inside, which was the white cherry fabric, is pink and not so photogenic. But it has these cute neat seams showing and all. And it's supposed to have buttons on it. Maybe they are on the inside.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before. You may have see the photo. James Day (it's there in the gallery of wedding photos) took it at Alex and Danika's wedding. Well Soph decided to draw it in art a couple of years ago now. This is a case of take a photo of it and throw it away. So we took a photo of it but then couldn't really part with it so it is sitting in a portfolio under a wardrobe ready to be carted from place to place for years to come. :)

How cute are these Fire Engines that Declan has drawn. Made all the more special after just reading this post about the uniqueness of drawing.  (You wouldn't believe the trouble I went to to get these drawings here - mysteriously annoying! They're in now, thankfully!)

Here's another case of take a photo and get over it. This time we did and the Lego has been pulled apart so that others can use all the pieces. Also by Declan. Made in early January, sat high up on a shelf for no one to see or touch and finally brought down, photographed and dismantled. We printed out a photo of it so that Declan could stick it on his wall, at his request. :)

And last but not least, a construction made by Malachi out of K'nex. I quite like the photo too, even if I say so myself! It kinda reminds me of a hairy caterpillar. :)

I asked around a number of times to see if anyone else (like Reuben and Hudson) have made anything that needs to be photographed but, no.
Reuben has been creating in Blender, which is, and I quote, "... the open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation." If your eyes glaze over at this point, I completely understand. But wait til you see what he can do with Blender. One day.

Hudson on the other hand has been creating fashion statements that revolve around soccer and should not be seen in public. For instance, pajamas with a World Cup Soccer design for Germany, Bexley North FC soccer socks that come up to his thighs, soccer boots (that actually fit him now) and his soccer ball. Or yesterday, Just some normal clothes - t-shirt and shorts - but then some normal socks pulled up to the knees covering the shin pads, and normal shoes. Such great looks. I will have to capture some of these "high fashions".

That's all for now.