Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Graphic Design Tendencies

Well, actually, a bit stronger than 'tendencies'.

Sophie-Lee (13 years old) sits and fiddles in Photoshop. The artworks that result are similar in beauty to the music that comes out of the piano when she sits at that and just 'doodles' - you can hear Sophie-Lee's music if you have the sound switched on.

BTW, Sophie-Lee designed over one hundred 12x12 patterned papers but sadly she didn't have a back-up and the computer she was working on just carked it. Note to self - always have a back-up. ALWAYS!!!

Now, I am trying to decide whether to give you the whole lot or just a little taste of Sophie-Lee's graphic art. Ok! I'll give you the whole lot. I am sure there will be more in the future.

Tomato Thingy


Fruity Things (for want of a better title!)

Palm Tree


Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Gone To Pot...

... is the title of my Aussie Dare 31 page. The challenge was to go out into the garden and find something to put on the page. I found it! I found a mess and inspiration. "Gone to pot" came to mind immediately and I wondered what the saying really meant. I also love the beautiful mess - is that an oxymoron?

I am quite taken with Stampin' Up and their products - I am not going to become a demonstrator but I highly recommend them and if you are thinking of joining any kind of company for getting (or selling) your scrapbooking supplies, well....

Anyway, I love Watercolor Wonders! The other day when I picked up my new set of earth tones Katie asked if I used them for extending photos - I hadn't yet but that was a great idea, so I did!

Here's my "Gone To Pot" layout...


Sunday, 16 September 2007

Inspired By Kerrin

And Ngaire. And.... everyone and everything!

I love this world that God has given us. I'm glad that God made us like Him - creative. I always have some song, tune, word, or saying floating around in my head and this morning, for some unknown reason it is the doxology - maybe because I am inspired by so many wonderful things.

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Did you know that the doxology is the last verse of this amazing hymn written by Thomas Ken? Nor did I but it is cool!


I scrapjacked Ngaire again. So, the layout inspiration is from Ngai and the design is inspired by Kerrin. I met K at the Inspiration Scrapbook Convention in May 2005. I have done a few of her classes and seen her albums in real life - each layout is totally amazing. Kerrin was the one who inspired me in a big way to stitch on my layouts and now I am being inspired to work with felt.

Oh! There are three very cute 'slice of orange' buttons by kathryn on the layout that were a RAK and they inspired my citrus colour scheme.

Here it is...

Ngaire said I could put her layout here - saves you clicking!

Monday, 10 September 2007

Creme of the Crop

We headed off to Sawtell Beach Caravan Park last weekend for St Peter's church camp. It was a lovely time to get to know people from the other St Pete's congregations, spend time with friends, and just be away from our usual life - although I am beginning to forget what that is like.

We enjoyed our accomodation, the weather (thank you, Lord) and the blessings of Bible studies and lots of free time to go to the beach or play soccer or whatever. The games night was well organised and topped off with a fire twirling demonstration (? performance?). A special thanks goes to Alan and Janelle for their input and organisation for the whole weekend.

Douglas carried his camera everywhere, well almost - he didn't take it to the beach, and I now have an updated photo of all the kids, without having to ask.

Here's my pick of the pics. Sophie-Lee in the clouds at The Dorrigo National Park Skywalk

and Declan and Malachi looking out over the valley at Ebor Falls - one of our favourite stopping places, so that we can appreciate how warm it is at home and on the coast!

Thursday, 6 September 2007


I was looking through Ngaire's photos and saw that she had made a pincushion. I can't remember what it looks like (and I can't find it to look now) but I thought at the time "I need a pincushion."

For the last few days I have been going through creative withdrawals so I needed a little pick-me-up. I started mulling over how I could make a pincushion when I found our brand new pack of UNO cards strewn throughout the top drawer of our cupboard - the box is already torn. Nothing upsets me more (well, maybe) than finding games and puzzles with pieces missing and packs of cards being 'dissed'!

I headed straight for my newly acquired stash of felt and whipped up a pouch for the cards and then, being on a bit of a roll, started on my pincushion.

It's not supposed to be a cupcake but for some reason it reminds me of one and I might have to make a cupcake pincushion now - wondering if I have seen one of them somewhere, like on K's blog - she is inspirational too and does absolutely amazing things with felt - or at Etsy - full of yummy, cute things.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

More Lego

Behind The News is one of the best shows on tv - that's my opinion anyway.

Today, Reuben was inspired by the story about Lego Man Nathan Sawaya. You just have to look at his creations - they are amazing!

Here is Reuben's first creation inspired by the btn report on Nathan.

Caitlin and Malachi were inspired by the mud in Mangrove Kids. You really should see the amazing Lego creations (and a bit of history) in the btn video episode 24 and you can check out the inspirational mud while you're there.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Melt Your Heart Moments

Hudson: I wuv you Mum.
Me: I love you too.
Hudson: You're bootiful!
Me: You are so sweet.
Hudson: And I wuv Daddy.
Me: Me too.

I'll leave you with Hudson's confident first and spontaneous attempt to write his name. I was watching him do it - very exciting! He started with the 'H' and worked his way across from there.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Guest Jacker

Well it is hard to keep a secret but I did. It helped to be out of town for a few days too - no computer to sit at.

Well as you can see on the Aussie Scrapjacked blog, the lovely Ngaire has been scrapjacked. I totally love her colours and the sense of fun in her layouts and so it was thoroughly exciting to be the guest jacker for September.

I had great fun doing this layout.

In case you can't see, it has some of the words from The Cat Empire's song Miserere.

In the box it says "Have you ever seen a sound? Have you listened to an image? Have you ever touched a thought? Have you ever tasted nothing?"

Then it says "Long live living if living can be this" down the side.

The sort-of title is "Miserere" and underneath is the beginning of Psalm 51 (which is Miserere) which says "Have mercy upon me, O God, according to your loving-kindness."

Sunday, 2 September 2007

THE Wedding

Lucky you! You get to see some wedding photos the day after the wedding.

It was the most beautiful wedding I've been to. And Annelise was, of course, the most beautiful bride I've ever seen (that's the only time I will be able say that).

It rained, the hairdresser was running late and the makeup lady was running ridiculously late but none of that dampened this totally joyous occasion.

Because everything was running about 45 mins late (that is Annelise walked down the aisle FORTY FIVE MINUTES late) there was very little time for photos but Douglas managed to squeeze in about 600. You can see them at Viewpoint Photographics - just type in the username aam07 and the password 010907.

Do you want to read my speech? Okay... Here it is. For some reason there was one paragraph missing on the day, but I will give it to you here.

Speech V5 :)

It is a pretty awesome task to make a speech for your daughter’s wedding and I feel privileged to have been asked to do so. Thank you for coming along to share this important occasion with us all. And I would especially like to thank all those who have contributed to making this wedding a beautiful and memorable event.

I‘d like to tell you a little bit about Annelise for those of you who have just met her today. For those of you who have known her a little longer, you can just nod your heads in agreement!

I’ve known Annelise since she was born - well a little bit before that really. Annelise decided she would like to come into the world differently to most babies (breech) and I think that is an indication of what she is like today - quite normal with a little twist of ‘different’! You’ve seen the invitations.

You may not have noticed but, Annelise is quiet and shy. She is! Along with that she is A beautiful, friendly and even, as you get to know her, an outgoing person. Annelise has been known to eat from a stranger’s picnic table, go down the street with her pajamas on, and search for new and exciting ways to avoid writing her thesis.

She has a strong sense of relationships, a love of language, and a sense of humour.

For instance - Annelise has this sock, just one. It’s Annelise’s sock - I know! But Annelise denies it. For the last few years we’ve taken to hiding the sock in each other’s stuff somewhere, trying hard not to be the one left in possession of it.

Annelise popped off this poem to me one night…

Oh Mother dear
Oh Mother dear
I have a great idea, I fear

For me a GREAT idea is rare
And this idea’s beyond compare
See if you like it: How ‘bout we
Instead of socks, hide poetry?

(This is what happens
fo, fi, feep
in the wee hours of morning
when I can’t sleep).

The poetry didn’t continue but the sock thing has.

This might be a family tradition we’ve started here - a small one - but fun. I look forward to watching Alan and Annelise as they grow in their lives together and create new and fun family traditions that help to keep their family relationships alive and well.

Relationships are important to Annelise, and none more so now, than her relationship with God. One of THE most exciting moments of my life was to find out that Annelise had decided to give her life to God and become a Christian - Amazing Grace never sounded so sweet.

I prayed, from when Annelise was very young, that God would prepare the right man for her.

God is so gracious and kind - He has brought Alan into Annelise’s life and has blessed us all with his strength of personality and his spiritual aliveness - and his sense of humour. God has answered my prayer - and I know this is beyond all I could ask or think.

Relationships are important to God too. Today we have witnessed the vows that Alan and Annelise have made to each other and I know that Annelise will commit herself to their marriage with the all the strength, courage and determination of her character, AND with God’s help, will strive for the best and longest-lasting marriage ever. God bless you both.

(As you have heard) Annelise has a huge task on her hands when it comes to family relationships - you look worried :) - I’m talking about the number of brothers and sisters she has. Chris is her closest sibling. Then add to that 15 more brothers and sisters and you have her family all wrapped up. Her relationship with ALL of her brothers and sisters is valued and important to Annelise.

I am blessed to have Annelise as my first child, and even more blessed that Annelise is one of my best friends and a sister in the family of God.

It is such a delight to receive an SMS that reads “Just a quick message to say I REALLY LOVE YOU. Currently on the bus thinking about how lucky I am to have a mum like you. Have a smiley day.”

May God bless you both, Alan and Annelise, with children just like you! Or failing that - with children who are loving, obedient, well-behaved, quiet but sociable, fine specimens of society.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to William and Leone for raising a fine young man, and to wholeheartedly and with great pleasure, welcome not only Alan but ALL your family into OUR ever-growing family.


Oh daughter dear
Oh Daughter dear
You’ve had a great idea, I fear.

For you a GREAT idea is rare
and this idea’s definitely beyond compare
I really like it, I’m glad I can
You said yes to marrying a very nice man!

And so ends this speech
fo fi feep
Now I will be able
to get some sleep!