Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Graphic Design Tendencies

Well, actually, a bit stronger than 'tendencies'.

Sophie-Lee (13 years old) sits and fiddles in Photoshop. The artworks that result are similar in beauty to the music that comes out of the piano when she sits at that and just 'doodles' - you can hear Sophie-Lee's music if you have the sound switched on.

BTW, Sophie-Lee designed over one hundred 12x12 patterned papers but sadly she didn't have a back-up and the computer she was working on just carked it. Note to self - always have a back-up. ALWAYS!!!

Now, I am trying to decide whether to give you the whole lot or just a little taste of Sophie-Lee's graphic art. Ok! I'll give you the whole lot. I am sure there will be more in the future.

Tomato Thingy


Fruity Things (for want of a better title!)

Palm Tree


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Julie said...

Hi Diane.
Doing some blog hopping and thought i would say "HI"!
The LO that is in your last post (with the artwork) is amazing!!!