Saturday, 24 July 2010

A few things, in no particular order.

So first up - I scrapbooked! Just like that.
I have been wanting to do, but not getting around to, the Kraft It Up challenge since the very beginning of the month. But finally I have done it. And d'you know why? Cos I have photos!!! Simple as that.
I was quite pleased with this layout. It came together without agonising and it was quick. You can tell who I am inspired by - this girl (and I'm pretty sure Louise is the one who introduced me to Kraft It Up), and this girl, and d'you know what?! I even managed to do the layout all by myself without looking at any other layouts to get ideas.

Ah, so you might be wondering what the layout is all about! Well it was part of Malachi's birthday-separation-from-Christmas celebration. The day started out with a much awaited present with brilliant acting from Mal - surprise, sadness, hilarity and more. We continued celebration in a park in Marrickville on one of Sydney's coldest days - it was freezing, windy and drizzly with occasional patches of blue. The celebration was shared with our homeschooling friends and one in particular who shares the same birthdate as Malachi. Much fun was had by all. And then we went home to warm up (if that was possible.)

I think I have finished this. It was fun and worked (mostly) the way I wanted it to. I was inspired particularly by this lady and her lovely art journal entries and there's definitely influence from this lady.
I was reading this lady's blog post about art journalling and she said, "So I've converted over to a daily art journal that works for me. Once every week or two I spend some time putting down color and then every day I just add little bits until the whole thing is filled up." I think that is what I do, just not daily. Very sporadically, actually.

And last but not in the least bit least...
Some more misting. Remember the misted jackets? Well here is the third instalment - a lace creation with Tiger Lily Glimmer Mist modelled so beautifully by the owner of the jacket herself - the beautiful Caitlin.


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Crochet Project

Some people have been asking me what I have been working on lately, since the upcycled denim cushion project, and I have to admit "Not much!"

But I have indeed been doing something - just a little bit.

For months, nay years, I have been inspired by Loretta Grayson and her awesome art work. It doesn't matter what she puts her hand to it turns out a colourful feast for the eyes, including an exquisite dessert!!!!
Anyway. Recently (but not most recently) I was watching as crocheted squares popped up on my screen and my crochet juices were stimulated.
A Babette Blanket, a "rainbow thing" (I just love rainbow things!!!), oh, just check out the fibre and textile section of Rett's Flickr gallery(?) and you may just get your crochet juices stimulated too. Actually check out the whole Flickr gallery of Loretta's work and have a complete feast for your eyes or a strong dose of inspiration.

Just as an aside... I say crow-shay and crow-shaying. That's how I was brought up to say it. Many Australians I know say crow-sher (where the e is a schwa) but that is not how I say it. Sometimes I feel a little self conscious saying it the way I do, but I get over it. Just thought I'd tell you.

Hennyway, back to the Crochet Project.
I was kinda self-taught when it comes to crocheting - much like everything I do, actually - so I thought I'd look up some how-to's on crocheting (ha ha - I just typed crotching! - that's a whole 'nother ball game) and I found this fabulous, simple, easy-to-understand Crochet School at Meet Me At Mike's.
I really, really like the colour combo in the second picture of Carina's Granny Square Joining Tutorial - check them out.
I went to Spotlight one day armed (in my head, at least) with a knowledge of what I wanted.
Then I had to make do with what was available. Being allergic to wool is disappointing, to say the least, and certainly reduces the colour range considerably.

I settled for cotton and acrylic yarn. Not a huge range of colours but I am happy with what I have chosen. Now for months, maybe years, you will see me with a bag of yarn and a crochet hook, producing little granny squares that one day will (God willing) become a blanket.

This is what I am working on...

I have done more but the photo didn't do it justice so you will have to wait for the next sunshiny day.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Mandarin Madness

I thought I'd better capture the mandarin moments before the memory of them faded as quickly as the sweet mandarin marmalade and the mandarin and passionfruit jam that I made from a very small fraction of them.

Yes! Mandarins. Nearly 100 kilograms of them.

We started picking them (up) at the end of May - small, sweet and juicy, so the taste testers attested.
We took shopping bags full wherever we went and gave them away to all and sundry.
In early June we picked a crate full and took them along to homeschooling events to give away.
We picked a washing basket full and took them to church to give away.
We picked another washing basket full and sold them for a gold coin donation for a few or for many and put the money towards Sophie-Lee's mission trip (that has been postponed to September).
We picked another washing basket full and took them all the way to Cabarita Beach and sold them 5 for $2 (Deborah wouldn't let me sell them for less) and raised $130 for the Vanuatu Mission Trip (thank you Chris and Elyse for your generous donations).
On the way to Cabba we gave a couple of bags of mandarins away to our wonderful mechanic in Uralla (thank you for changing my tyre) and to Janelle (thank you for accommodating us in the middle of a very busy week).

And still there were mandarins!
The tree was heavily laden with fruit.
I made sweet mandarin marmalade.

Finally, one weekend, Douglas, with the help of Susannah, Robbie, Reuben, and Caitlin, picked ALL the mandarins. We did a rough weigh and worked out that there were about 60kgs of mandarins in the final pick.

What to do with 60kg of mandarins???
Some went into marmalade and passionfruit jam. Remember the passionfruit? They're in abundance right now.)
Then I ran out of jars!

What to do with 58kg of mandarins???
I asked on facebook.
I asked my homeschool friends.
I asked the people at church.
I did some idea bouncing with my "ideas friend" (she knows who she is!).
And voila! The idea came!!!
I have a friend who visits at The Block in Redfern. I delivered the whole 58kg of mandarins to her and she took them to The Block.
Apparently, it didn't take long for the whole lot to go and the place was littered with mandarin peel. Nice.
What a relief.

Now I have a cupboard full of jars!!!

And that is the end of my mandarin story.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Decorated Pebble

I saw Geninne's post called New Rocks and checked out the link to Margie's Covered Sea Stones and we just happen to have a supply of pebbles in our back yard so, I just had to try this.

I just used a Uniball Signo Gel Pen.

That's all for now.


Creative Kids

The kids have been creating.
They rarely stop.

Here's a few piccies for you.

Mal (obviously).


To black or not to black?

There are more but I mustn't have taken photos thereof.

That's all for now.


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Something Sweet

Something sweet to watch while I get my act together on the creative front. I saw this on Ngaire's blog and she got it from here.

Here is Iker Casillas, the goalkeeper and captain for Spain's World Cup team after they just won the FIFA World Cup. His girlfriend, Sara Carbonero, is the reporter for Spanish network Telecinco.

How cute are they?

Edited to add: (Aw. Too bad. I hope you got to see it.)

Monday, 5 July 2010

Worth Celebrating

I love this photo of Dad and Mum!
Married for 50 years.

I'm really lacking in chattiness today.
So that's all you get.

Grid Lock

I was inspired by Finnabair

And Finnabair was inspired by Grid Lock.

I started with the little bits and pieces on my desk, filled in the spaces with a bit of doodling and then left it for a night. It was good just to get started.

Then I painted the whole lot over with some acrylic paint and then sprayed it with a few mists.

I really liked the blotting paper results - whaddayareckon?

I'm not sure if it is finished yet but it certainly got me doing something just a little bit arty, which is what I was in dire need of for my sanity and well being. :)

I'd like to try some other grid ideas
- like THIS one - I've been collecting envelopes for some reason!!!
I like the colour theme ones - like THIS one and THESE.
A grid of old pages would be nice too - like THIS one.

Ok. That'll do already.