Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Crochet Project

Some people have been asking me what I have been working on lately, since the upcycled denim cushion project, and I have to admit "Not much!"

But I have indeed been doing something - just a little bit.

For months, nay years, I have been inspired by Loretta Grayson and her awesome art work. It doesn't matter what she puts her hand to it turns out a colourful feast for the eyes, including an exquisite dessert!!!!
Anyway. Recently (but not most recently) I was watching as crocheted squares popped up on my screen and my crochet juices were stimulated.
A Babette Blanket, a "rainbow thing" (I just love rainbow things!!!), oh, just check out the fibre and textile section of Rett's Flickr gallery(?) and you may just get your crochet juices stimulated too. Actually check out the whole Flickr gallery of Loretta's work and have a complete feast for your eyes or a strong dose of inspiration.

Just as an aside... I say crow-shay and crow-shaying. That's how I was brought up to say it. Many Australians I know say crow-sher (where the e is a schwa) but that is not how I say it. Sometimes I feel a little self conscious saying it the way I do, but I get over it. Just thought I'd tell you.

Hennyway, back to the Crochet Project.
I was kinda self-taught when it comes to crocheting - much like everything I do, actually - so I thought I'd look up some how-to's on crocheting (ha ha - I just typed crotching! - that's a whole 'nother ball game) and I found this fabulous, simple, easy-to-understand Crochet School at Meet Me At Mike's.
I really, really like the colour combo in the second picture of Carina's Granny Square Joining Tutorial - check them out.
I went to Spotlight one day armed (in my head, at least) with a knowledge of what I wanted.
Then I had to make do with what was available. Being allergic to wool is disappointing, to say the least, and certainly reduces the colour range considerably.

I settled for cotton and acrylic yarn. Not a huge range of colours but I am happy with what I have chosen. Now for months, maybe years, you will see me with a bag of yarn and a crochet hook, producing little granny squares that one day will (God willing) become a blanket.


Anonymous said...

Yep creative all right. Such beautiful colour combination. I look forward to seeing the finished blanket.

kathie said...

I say croyshay too. Lovin' what you've done so far!

And I love the project you posted a little way down that had been inspired by Finnabair. Isn't she amazing?

Rett said...

Thanks for the links and kind comments, Diane :) Love the colours you are using for your crochet squares!
I mostly say croshay, too