Monday, 5 July 2010

Grid Lock

I was inspired by Finnabair

And Finnabair was inspired by Grid Lock.

I started with the little bits and pieces on my desk, filled in the spaces with a bit of doodling and then left it for a night. It was good just to get started.

Then I painted the whole lot over with some acrylic paint and then sprayed it with a few mists.

I really liked the blotting paper results - whaddayareckon?

I'm not sure if it is finished yet but it certainly got me doing something just a little bit arty, which is what I was in dire need of for my sanity and well being. :)

I'd like to try some other grid ideas
- like THIS one - I've been collecting envelopes for some reason!!!
I like the colour theme ones - like THIS one and THESE.
A grid of old pages would be nice too - like THIS one.

Ok. That'll do already.

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