Saturday, 24 July 2010

A few things, in no particular order.

So first up - I scrapbooked! Just like that.
I have been wanting to do, but not getting around to, the Kraft It Up challenge since the very beginning of the month. But finally I have done it. And d'you know why? Cos I have photos!!! Simple as that.
I was quite pleased with this layout. It came together without agonising and it was quick. You can tell who I am inspired by - this girl (and I'm pretty sure Louise is the one who introduced me to Kraft It Up), and this girl, and d'you know what?! I even managed to do the layout all by myself without looking at any other layouts to get ideas.

Ah, so you might be wondering what the layout is all about! Well it was part of Malachi's birthday-separation-from-Christmas celebration. The day started out with a much awaited present with brilliant acting from Mal - surprise, sadness, hilarity and more. We continued celebration in a park in Marrickville on one of Sydney's coldest days - it was freezing, windy and drizzly with occasional patches of blue. The celebration was shared with our homeschooling friends and one in particular who shares the same birthdate as Malachi. Much fun was had by all. And then we went home to warm up (if that was possible.)

I think I have finished this. It was fun and worked (mostly) the way I wanted it to. I was inspired particularly by this lady and her lovely art journal entries and there's definitely influence from this lady.
I was reading this lady's blog post about art journalling and she said, "So I've converted over to a daily art journal that works for me. Once every week or two I spend some time putting down color and then every day I just add little bits until the whole thing is filled up." I think that is what I do, just not daily. Very sporadically, actually.

And last but not in the least bit least...
Some more misting. Remember the misted jackets? Well here is the third instalment - a lace creation with Tiger Lily Glimmer Mist modelled so beautifully by the owner of the jacket herself - the beautiful Caitlin.


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Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Wow all beautiful art Diane xx I love how your spruced up the jacket very cool idea x