Monday, 10 September 2007

Creme of the Crop

We headed off to Sawtell Beach Caravan Park last weekend for St Peter's church camp. It was a lovely time to get to know people from the other St Pete's congregations, spend time with friends, and just be away from our usual life - although I am beginning to forget what that is like.

We enjoyed our accomodation, the weather (thank you, Lord) and the blessings of Bible studies and lots of free time to go to the beach or play soccer or whatever. The games night was well organised and topped off with a fire twirling demonstration (? performance?). A special thanks goes to Alan and Janelle for their input and organisation for the whole weekend.

Douglas carried his camera everywhere, well almost - he didn't take it to the beach, and I now have an updated photo of all the kids, without having to ask.

Here's my pick of the pics. Sophie-Lee in the clouds at The Dorrigo National Park Skywalk

and Declan and Malachi looking out over the valley at Ebor Falls - one of our favourite stopping places, so that we can appreciate how warm it is at home and on the coast!


Peg said...

beautiful pics!

now a moment to catch your breath before..... :-)

Jilly Geraghty-Groves said...

Di your photography is absolutely breathtaking!

Diane said...

Credit where credit is due - my husband took all the stunning photos. I just picked out the ones I liked the best!!!

You can check out more of Douglas's fabulous photos at