Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A Peek in my Sketch Book

I have been using the pages from a gold edged diary to do my sketches on. The diary is quite heavy so I pull out a signature and carry it around in my bag.  I am in the process of making some covers for the pages cos they get a bit tattered in my handbag.
Oh well.

Here are some pages in no particular order (that seems to be the way lately). DO you want some quick explanations? Okay.
At church - you can tell by the notes.

On the train to the city.

At church.

Marrickville Library - the time when Declan said he couldn't find a book to look at!!!

Caitlin in hospital in one of the moments of the 4 hours we were waiting to have an x-ray to see if her ribs were broken. They weren't.

Dr's surgery - obviously not a long wait.

Nate's dedication service (also my birthday). I like drawing the backs of people - it's much easier!

Susannah's foot - at church.

Inspired by Alisa Burke's shell page.

But obviously, I was already inspired by Alisa Burke cos I had done this one - finds on a bushwalk with a friend, and nanna and the kids.

And this blog post has inspired me no end. I heard about it from here, which I also found helpful.
I no longer fret about proportions or anything, I just draw. It is such a relief.

On the train into the city to go to the International Student Festival where our friend Kelly was nominated for International Student of the Year Award.

A parked car in Marrickville on Monday night while I was waiting to pick up Soph from her first babysitting job.

With this last one, which I did today, I drew my first line - the kerb - and that blue car came and parked right in front of me. He could've parked further forward or further back but, no!  So, the blue car was incorporated. It may have saved me some angst drawing the front of the house. I don't know.

(See the ground around the picture - dry, dead, waterless lawn!!!  Sydney in Summer 2010-2011)

That's all for now.


Bree said...

Love your drawings Di,

Rett said...

Great sketches, Diane, and a great idea to take your sketch book to all those everyday places we find ourselves sitting and waiting :)

MH said...

well done. I tried to start doing 10mins drawing a day and lasted just a couple of days :(
Hey, the grass is green in Armidale.

kathie said...

Wow. What fantastic sketches. I love them, and admire your talent.