Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hey Mum!!! You've been pranked!

And now lesson 9 of Building Pages at Get It Scrapped.

There are pranks and there are pranks.
There's a show on ABC 3 called Prank Patrol where a viewer and the ABC team think up and pull off some very elaborate pranks.
In our family we like the simple ones that just catch us out because we weren't expecting anything. We don't like pranks that upset others or hurt people or make a mess (I said that one!).
Like a card trick or an optical illusion, our pranks don't need too much explanation after the fact.
I did a double take when I saw Reuben with his fingers "stuck" between the slats of the picnic table at Curtis Park. He set me up and and got me good. The reason it worked? It would not be unlikely for Reuben to get his fingers stuck.

I really wanted to put staples on this page but couldn't decide where so I left them off. I had fun using some lime green masking tape that I bought for my birthday recently. :)

Speaking of pranks. We played a prank on DH on Christmas Day.
Here's how it went...
Reuben was supposed to be continually taking a video of the day, documenting every silly little thing so that DH wouldn't be suspicious when we videoed the prank.
Anyway, he didn't but it still worked.
We live on a road that has a Clearway both morning and evening. I had questioned whether Clearways were in force on public holidays - I couldn't find anything in a quick Google search. DH reckoned that it would be fine to park out the front.
So... I, being totally unprepared for Christmas, stayed up until 2 o'clock Christmas morning. I couldn't bear the thought of having the van towed away on Christmas Day so I moved it before I went to bed.
Reuben and I waited quietly and patiently for the moment when I could ask DH if he moved the car. The moment arrived at about 3 o'clock.

Here's a dreadful, but effective, recording of the ensuing scenes

DH looking out the window and the seeing that the car is not there and me putting the thought in his head that it might have been towed away. So naughty. DH asked if I moved it and I said that I had it parked out there (that's not lying, you know, cos I did- before!!!) then DH quickly going to the front window to look again.
The look on his face is PRICELESS. We couldn't keep it up any longer cos why on earth would Reuben be pointing the video camera right in DH's face.

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