Friday, 5 February 2010

Building Pages

That's what I am doing. A class called Building Pages with Debbie Hodge at Get it Scrapped.

There is not much space in my head at the moment so I am just keeping it relatively simple. Debbie said "Make what you will of it" so I did!

I'm using the photos that I printed off just after Christmas so I really do need to "get it scrapped".

The first photo I scrapped is a cute one of Malachi looking very Christmassy and Summery at the same time. I wanted to have Christmas as the title but it was too long for what I wanted. I thought, and agonised, about using the ubiquitous 'x' to shorten the word knowing, in my mind at least, that the x stands for Christ but I could hear the voices saying "Leave the Christ in Christmas!"
After more consideration I believe I was inspired. What else could it have been? I decided to use the Christian Fish Symbol (which I always knew as the Ioxes - don't know why - but it is called Ichthys) and I'm pleased with the result. Even if I say so myself!

The second photo - Declan eating an icy pole. Mmmmmm. Home-made lemonade icy poles. We have made 100s of them this summer. We have a constant (mostly) supply of them.

This layout is based on inspiration from the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci numbers. Man oh man, I love maths!!!

Here's my layout.


Moira said...

Hey Diane! I minored in theology and was so gratified to learn that X was a shortened form of Xristos ... but I understand your discomfort re the X anyway. The Ichthys (I knew I had it wrong!) is the perfect substitute!
Loving your layouts.

Moira said...

P.S. I meant to say that my son's middle name is Malachi - you have great taste in names. ;)