Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ghost Gloves

I've scrapbooked about my purple rubber(not) gloves before and I can't say that I won't again.

Here is my latest layout involving purple gloves.

The other day the phone rang and I just whipped off the gloves and left them on the chicken. Caitlin thought they looked cool and asked me to take some photos - so I did.
The colours were a bit yukky so I did a bit of fiddling in Photoshop. Somehow I managed to agonise way too much over this layout. Eventually I just got over it and stuck stuff down.

Oh and BTW... This is for Lesson 8 of Building Pages at Get It Scrapped.

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Anonymous said...

Can you believe (you can I know) that I have had a parcel with odd purple gloves in my backpack for weeks...waiting to send to you. but I've wanted to put something else (nice) in there and haven't found it yet. I'm sorry. Are you patient? :P