Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Flour Bags, Petals and White Board Art

Where do I start? Hudson has had a little pillow as his bedtime 'thing' since he was very little. We realised about a year ago that we needed to have a supply of them so that we always had a clean one available. Somehow or other, Hudson manages to lose them - we have lost about 5 so far and there are 2 left. So... I decided to make a few more, except I have been ruthless in my clearing out and ALL the material scraps have gone to a better place!

I have a characteristic that can be a bane but it can also prove to be a blessing - I find it hard to throw away things that I think could be useful some day - shoe boxes, calico flour bags, big strong plastic bags...

Well, can you see what is coming? I made two more pillows out of little calico bags - one from Demeter and one that had a 'squashy hat' in it. Now I just have to convince Hudson that they will be quite suitable to sleep with. I have written "Have pillow will sleep" on them and my mobile phone number. Do you think we'll be able to hang onto them until Hudson no longer needs a pillow to sleep?

The other night we couldn't find a clean pillow. Hudson set up camp near the washing machine to wait for it to be washed and dried. He finally fell asleep without it at nearly midnight. He could've had Declan's little pillow but it is made with flannelette and Hudson can't bear the feel of it.

When I went outside to photograph the pillows I found this icecream container full of rose petals. It brought back memories. I remember collecting cherry blossom flowers and making "perfume" in jars. The 'scent' was absolutely beor.di.fool!!! - in my imagination, anyway.

Give Susannah something to draw with and something to draw on and voila!!!

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