Thursday, 13 December 2007

Just quickly...

There are lots of things happening in the kids' creative realm but I just haven't taken photos and dealt with them.

So today, because I happen to have a photo, I'll show you one of Reuben's latest drawings. Reuben filled his art book in under two weeks with the most amazing drawings. I like his style. Here is my fave, at the moment.

And now, a photo of some beautiful (actually, the orange ones were magnificently, the most superlatively beautiful) roses. Gwenda brought these over last week and they sat on my kitchen windowsill for nearly a whole day before I just had to put them outside. Their perfume was absolutely gorgeous but it gave me a migraine so the roses went the way of most scented flowers - out to the front landing, where they can be seen but not smelled (or is that smelt?).

1 comment:

jilly said...

WOW Diane - look at the movement in Reuben's drawing! Might take after his mama methinks!