Sunday, 30 December 2007


The People

The Presents

I received lots and lots of presents - here are some of the creative highlights.

There was a lot of secretive business going on with Douglas and Susannah. All I knew was that it involved the ends of my garden bench, which had fallen apart and been relegated to the trailer. On Christmas Day I was pleasantly surprised to be given my garden bench again, only this time in a much sturdier form - FABULOUS!

When I unwrapped this set of wooden kitchen things with a printed sheet that explained what the utensils were for I was just a little ho-hum. Then I found out that Dad had actually made them and I became just a little emotional. I thought he even did the info sheet on the computer but Mum photocopied it from an article in the newspaper. Aren't they a clever pair?!

I am pleased to be the proud owner of another of my children's artworks. Here is a beautiful watercolour pencil work of a lily in the back yard done by Susannah.

My sister's huband's brother (or, my brother-in-law's brother) does these lovely little metal art works. He collects pieces of metal that he finds on his walks - pieces that have character worn into them by weather, time and even human forces - and then he constructs (for want of a better word) little artworks. Colin collected quite a few little bits and pieces just on our street and made a little collection - here is the one I chose.

And, even though this wasn't a present, I like the mood of this photo taken by Annelise on her Canon EOS 400D - a gorgeous little digital SLR which I happened to get for Christmas too - Lucky me!

The Peculiar

You want to know what these are all about? I haven't the time to explain right now. Maybe later. They make me smile.

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