Thursday, 14 August 2008

Beautiful Moments

I just have to record two moments.

On the night before last I was very cold, more from hormones than from the actual temperature (which was probably in the -ve), so I upped the electric blanket to 2 and went and found myself another blanket to put on top of my favourite chenille dressing gown.

The blanket that I laid my hands on in the cupboard in the dark was my pink crocheted blanket that I made when I was about 10 years old. I taught myself to crochet with the help of my next door neighbour. Dad very kindly kept up the supply of yarn to keep me in crocheting - the craft of the moment.

Anyway. In the morning as Hudson walked past my reposing form he couldn't help but notice the blanket that he had never seen before (consciously, at least) and he exclaimed "Oh! Boodiful blanket!" and kept going. That brought a sweet smile to my lips.

This morning Hudson came to me with outstretched arms. "I have a present for you," he said.

As I was wondering if he meant he was going go hug me, he handed over the huge present for me to hold. Hudson is a great mime artist and I never offend/reject him by refusing his magnanimous gifts. I took the present and laid it on my lap.

"Open it," Hudson prompted. So I did.

"It's a boodiful blanket. It's pink."

You should've seen the gorgeous proud smile he had. I promptly spread the blanket over my legs to keep me warm.

No sooner had I exclaimed my delight at the blanket's beauty and warmth then (Is that the right word?) Hudson had another huge parcel for me. This time a box of pretzels - a very, very large box of pretzels. Yum!

It has been a long time since Hudson played his miming games and I was beginning to miss them. So glad they're are back.

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