Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Psalm 23 and a layout

I'm back! A bit.

I've had a little bit of creativity to alleviate the drought (my drought).

Every so often a scripture pops into my head, often in song, and I start pondering the things of God. The other day it was Psalm 23 - a well known Psalm so full of comfort and praise. I know lots of songs with The Lord is my shepherd as the theme so after I had hummed my way through them I got down to meditating on the the meatier bits... the valley of the shadow of death, rod and staff they comfort me.

Then my creative juices starting flowing (just a little bit) as I was unpacking my scrapbooking stuff. So in amongst the mess of moving I started pulling out bits of patterned paper and cardstock. I decided to do a layout inspired by Psalm 23.

My starting point was a layout that I did in a class with Loretta Grayson - I love her layering of papers and other bits and pieces - keeping the green pastures and the sheep in mind. Even though I had taken only a cursory look at the Aussie Scrap Source blog there was a sun that made an impact on me. There may have been another sun somewhere else too, but I can't remember where it might have been.

So without further ado...

There is not a day goes past that I don't think of my dear friend Kim. This is for her.

My Dearest Kimbo,
If I could take the length and breadth
and depth of all the beautiful words and meanings
I could find, then they are all in these simple words...
My love and prayers are with you.
Blessings from your Pud xx

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Peg said...

Thinking of you, and Kim....
big hug, hope all's as well as it can be.
beautiful page, gonna frame it?

Kim said...
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Diane said...

Thanks Peg.
This layout is on the wall in Kim's ward at the moment.