Thursday, 13 November 2008

Happy Birthday, Grace!

From little girls to little ladies - and in a blink of time. Look at those cute little teeth - two years ago!

Happy Birthday to Grace, Caitlin's very special friend since birth (Grace's birth, that is!).

This is what Caitlin made for Grace (with a little bit of help from me).

I have been doing some workshops with Vivian Bonder and having the greatest time playing with LuminArte products. We needed to work out if the structure gel that I had would work with the pigments so we tested it out on a little bit of chipboard and this is the result.

There was a bit left over so I fished around and found some other nice chippie shapes and added the polished pigments to them.


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What a beautiful photo of the friends. I am sure the gift will be treasured as it is so personal. Amazing results from the products..just let your creativity run wild!