Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I Snuck Up On Some Scrapbooking #1

I've worked out a way to do things that I want to do but don't know if I really have the time to do them. I pretend I don't care if I don't do them. I pretend I am not going to do them.
Things like going to a homeschooling mums' get together or even just to the park with the kids - I shrug my shoulders and decide I'm not going. Then I get everything done that I need to get done and Lo and Behold! I can go after all.
This is what I did with scrapbooking yesterday. I went into my art room, picked up a photo grabbed a piece of cardstock and voila! Not only that but I managed to do it twice!!!

So. The first layout I did was of Chris and Elyse from way back in June when we went to Cabarita Beach for the celebration of Dad and Mum's 50th Wedding Anniversary.

I saw a layout by Iara Gomes-Baer at The Color Room and I liked the folded look that she had on her page. Iara's page is digital, I think, but as you already know I don't do digital (I don't think I am going to be able to say that forever... I'm inching towards it).
Hennyway. I promptly got a piece of my favourite Kraft cardstock and folded it randomly (in a rather precise fashion though) and then inked it on all the creases and corners. I raided my boxes of Basic Grey and whipped up a simple but satisfying layout. Cute, huh?

This is layout #20 for Crop Bootcamp over at Blue Bazaar. At this stage it doesn't look like I am going to make 50 by the end of the month. Maybe if I pretend I'm not going to......

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