Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sandoodling* at Sandringham

Today we had one of those days that can be described as "the best" - a day that just ambled along in a very relaxed manner. We joined some homeschooling friends (9 kids, 2 Mums all together) and went fishing at a little spot in Sans Souci.

When the wind became a bit of a bully we headed off to find a more protected spot to fish from. My friend knew exactly where to go - a little beach just next to Sandringham Baths.

With the wind slightly thwarted by the buildings behind us we soaked up the sun that had reappeared and cast the lines in again. No fish were caught but some of the kids have been bitten by the fishing bug and would like to give it another go real soon. Apparently K-Mart sells rods for $5 - how do they do that?

Susannah started making a sand castle and while she was scratching something out of the sand it suddenly occurred to me that we could doodle - on a grand scale - right there on the rain- and tide-flattened sand.

So we sandoodled - Susannah, my friend, her daughters, Caitlin, and I - all over the beach. SO much fun.

Here's a selection of photos. I say 'selection' because there are way more, believe me!

While we sandoodled the boys did some of their own sand art.

I love homeschooling. And Autumn. And friends. And doodling. And...

*Sandoodling - I made that up. :)


Anonymous said...

Diane it looks like you all had a great time, and some gorgeous patterns/doodles in the sand.



Anonymous said...

Love the Sandoodling! That looks amazing. Nicola xox

Anonymous said...

LOVE this DI. What a fun idea. looks amazing.How amazing for whoever stumbled across this after you all left, and it was just there. I would love it.