Monday, 18 June 2007

Happy Monday!

"The mother of all oxymorons" as Garfield says! If that's the mother then I can think of the grandmothers!
I thought I'd share our family photo from April - it is a little bit of fun on this very cold Winter's day.

Shine (I pinched the title from Peg - hope you don't mind Peg) - Not the best photo of Deb and me but it is the only current photo I have, so I'm working with it.

This layout of Declan playing Memory took a little while to happen. I was stuck on a rather rigid square-ish theme and felt a need to break free. This is the result - a page with a list of Declan's favourite things and to top it off, some photos of his favourite game. I love playing Memory with Declan - just him and me. He is SO sweet and has an amazing, almost photographic memory. He is happy to help me find pairs, which is probably good because I'm not as good as he is! We're both winners.

(I like how it looks like I have taken a photo of part of the layout on an angle. But that is the WHOLE layout, I swear!!!)

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Peg said...

love the memory LO, gorgeous tilt!