Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Crazy about Crayola!

I wasn't looking forward to finding whiteboard markers - most of the ones I have ever used smell too strongly for me. I was very pleased to find that Crayola have made some - I bought a pack of 8 "juicy" colours from
K-Mart - check them out.
Anway... The kids love them. I took this photo of the boys decorating the whiteboard and then the batteries in the camera quit. I went to change the batteries and when I came back the boys had rubbed out their artwork - so this is it! The good thing about the kids using the whiteboard is that it saves a lot of paper.


Nae said...

they are so cute i love the little (well big) drawings. Youll harvest some fine scrapbookers (or atleast artists)yet diane. The good thing is that they will save paper but you recycled that to anyways lol. Anyways have a good day. Catchya later,
Love always,
Nae xoxoxo

Jolene Pienaar said...

Oh hey, thanks for nominating me for scrapjacked! :) How nice is that!
Love those little drawings, adorable!

jilly said...

LOL I bet there were some dirty little hands afterwards Diane!

Diane said...

Dirty hands? Yes. Hudson even coloured in all his nails and proudly presented his hands to me. Bootiful!
The good things is the markers are totally washable - even off the walls (which I have to go and do now!)