Monday, 16 July 2007

Weekend Away

I had a lovely weekend away with the Armidale Youth Orchestra. When I left on this bus tour I knew the names of the people I would be sharing a room with, but that's all. Rod McKuen said "Strangers are just friends waiting to happen." Now I have two new friends. Some people are stranger than you first imagine - not these two!!!

The AYO combined with St Peter's Lutheran College Orchestra (I don't really know what their name is) and performed beautifully in the chapel on Friday evening.

On Saturday evening, after a day at Dreamworld, we went to see Engelbert Humperdink's Hansel and Gretel - that was AWESOME - the sets, the lighting, the whole thing.

Listening to the AYO performing at the Queensland Art Gallery was such a beautiful experience. The orchestra was set up in the same area as a magnificent chandelier hanging over a fantastic water feature. The beautiful sounds of Khachaturian, Elgar and even the Beatles rang out through the gallery, blending with the artworks - even the gallery itself - and attracting an audience of young and old.

Two little girls in red and white dresses danced, free of inhibition, to the Teddy Bears' Picnic - it was gorgeous.

Here is one of my fave photos from my weekend (I was the 'official photographer'). There's art all around us if we can just open our eyes to it.


Peg said...

sounds like a great weekend, so glad you had a lovely time, looking forward to seeing some more photos.
Did you buy any handbags ? ;-)

Nae said...

wow that is such a beautiful photo. Great to see you had a blast that would of been a lovely weekend away. See you on Sunday,
Love always,
Nae xoxoxo