Sunday, 23 March 2008

Khormaksar 1962

The challenge for the Scrapapple Weekend Workout was baby oriented - again. Kelly was kind of heading for photos of us as babies, so I decided I would take up the challenge even though the photos that I have are small and not particularly good quality.

I started by looking at the photo and wondering if there was anything on the 'net that would show a picture of the mountains that are in the background of the photo. What I found when I Googled Khormaksar was very interesting and exciting. Not only did I find lots of photos of Khormaksar, I even found a website that told me what the weather was like on the day I was born!!!

So here is my simple layout - a picture of my Dad holding me, on the verandah of their place in Aden. It was hot and I very rarely wore anything more than a nappy. Check out the nappies on the line in the foreground of the photo.

I wanted the overall look of the page to depict sand, sunshine, and heat. While I was doing my research I found this website and I absolutely love their logo - presumably it says something to do with the British-Yemeni Society in Arabic. So I added that as part of my decoration for the page.

That's all for now.

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Louise said...

Loooove IT Diane! :)x