Friday, 5 December 2008

Playing With Polished Pigments

Warning: Lots of Pics.

Annelise and I did the Polished Pigments workshop with Vivian Bonder. We had SO much fun dabbling, smooshing, squidging and splodging. Last weekend Annelise came over to start some art works as Christmas gifts (whiney voice - I want one!). After I got Annelise started, Sophie-Lee and I could hardly help ourselves. We started scrounging for chipboard and got stuck into some of our own. There's more to do but this is the start.

Annelise's first.

Sophie-Lee's next.

And my polyptych (that's what it's called - more than 4 or more pieces in the work!) This one 'developed'. I wasn't happy with it at first so I decided to do a mono print with gauze between it and the paper. This was the result after the mono print. Later I might show you the four prints that I made with the gauze and paper. Might not, either.

We still had some scrapings left and just couldn't discard them so with a mixture of palette knife and spatulas (cooking-type) we managed to cover some more board.

Conclusions: Matisse Gel Medium is much nicer than Reeves Heavy Structure Gel for using the Polished Pigments.


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Louise said...

Sheesh you and the girls have been creating some faaaabulous stuff!!!!!

Lou X