Saturday, 6 December 2008

Still Catching Up

I'm etting closer to showing you my latest scrapbooking page, but first, here are some of my art journal pages in various stages of completion.

This is the envelope that my kit came in for the Polished Pigments Workshop by Vivian Bonder. Viv did the colour. I chopped it up and sewed around the edge to keep the padding in.

I'll leave this one to be self-explanatory at the moment. I had fun doing the sewing, and would you believe it?! the bobbin thread ran out about 2 inches before the end! Typical.

Guess what I used to print those dark green bits?! The end of a bunch of celery. Yes. I just couldn't throw that cut-off piece away without capturing some of its beauty. This is my green page (in case you couldn't already tell!) - more of this one soon.

I saw this technique on Leeann's blog some time ago and waited for the moment to have a go. That moment came with a blast of frustration. See that Envelope page up there? I wanted to put the word NOTE on it but did I have any e's? NO!!! So I said, "This is it!" and stuck the whole packet of Basig Grey Mini Monograms onto a page. Voila. Now I am waiting for the inspiration for a finishing touch.

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Tony and Lisa Blackwell said...

oh what a great idea with the letters.......and the envelope!
This is all new to me and i'm really enjoying what everyone is doing.