Friday, 10 July 2009

Inspired by Picasso,

believe it or not!

No really. Picasso said, “Forcing yourself to use restricted means is the sort of restraint that liberates invention. It obliges you to make a kind of progress that you can’t even imagine in advance.”

I know this because Dina Wakley told me :) cos I'm doing her "Masterful" Art Journaling class. You should join in - it's great fun.

So here is what I restricted my self to...
2 colours of Glimmer Mist - the blue was very pale and didn't do what I wanted so that restricted me even more!!!
1 Heidi Swap Heart that I used as a mask/stamp.
1 Derwent Inktense Pencil - which turned out to be burgundy-coloured rather the purple I had in mind.

And here are the results of working 6 pages with the same products. I can see the progression and then the regression at No 5 and then the final one, which I really like. (The first three down the left and the second three down the right.)

More from my inspiration with Picasso soon.

Speaking of Picasso...
and restricted means...
Mr Picassohead is a fun, if not time wasting, little creative venture.
Just look at the gallery, if you don't feel creative, and see what other people have done with a limited number of drawing options.
And I'll leave you with the quote attributed to both John Lennon and Bertrand Russell. "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." :)

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