Monday, 31 August 2009

Found it and finished it.

I started this page at the beginning of August, journalled on it on the 13th August then went to finish it the other day and I couldn't find it. Even after a huge clean up of my art room!
It's for the Blue Bazaar Art Journal Challenge.
Hennyway. Caitlin had an idea where it might be and indeed it was there!
So now it is finished.
Inspired by Teesha Moore and her piece.
Here's mine.

I used a technique for journalling that I first heard about from Dina Wakley and I hadn't tried it before - Stream of Consciousness. Here's a definition I found here - "Stream of consciousness is a style of writing that is uninterrupted, unedited, and unstructured. Typically, a journaler approaches the blank page without intention--then simply waits for something to come." I didn't have to wait long :). I wrote it upside down (actually, I wrote it the right way but it is upside down on the page - I'm not that stupid!!!) cos I decided that it wasn't something to be read but rather just something for me to write.

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Aga said...

love your results Diane!! I am so behind on these challenges but they are still on my to-do-list :)