Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Healthy Life Awards

I didn't know that filling in this Weight Watchers thing would end up the way it did so here I am with a profile page that you can vote for.

"The winner of the Peoples Choice Award will be flown to Sydney for the awards night, complete with wardrobe, make up and lots of great prizes!" How fun would that be?!

So check out my Healthy Life Awards Profile and apply your vote - if you want to - and even join in the fun yourself! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow Women! you look fantastic.... Big congratulations on the new you xxx

Ali :-) said...

Hi Diane,

Thanks so much for the blog-visit and your lovely comment :o)

Love your layout in the post below - you can probably already tell - I'm a big fan of clean-and-simple layouts!

Congratulations as well on your weightloss! Very inspiring!

Have a great day!
Ali :o)