Friday, 11 June 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary

On this day 50 years ago my Mum and Dad were married.
How cool is that?!?!

We are having a family get-together to celebrate this auspicious occasion. 25 of us are going to enjoy each other's company for the weekend as a direct result of Mum and Dad's marriage.


So I did a bit of crafting. And it was way out of my crafting comfort zone!!!
Ages ago - like in March - I was inspired by Ingvild Bolme (as per usual) and a project she did. I can't find it on her blog any more but it can be seen here.

I haven't got time to write much now so here are a few piccies to keep you going. I'll be back with photos of the celebration in a week or so. :)

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Rett said...

Wow - what a beautiful project, Diane! A lovely way to commemmorate your Mum and Dad's anniversary