Friday, 25 June 2010

Seeing is...

I wrote this post a few weeks ago but didn't have time to put the photos in, so here I am now finishing it off. I have NO IDEA why I called the post "Seeing is...". No idea at all.

I was inspired by Michelle LaPoint Rydell and her mist/spray chips and so I thought I would do the same. As it turns out I have quite a few sprays and mists and they pretty much cover the whole rainbow collection - slightly lacking in red.

These are they just before I punched a hole in each of them (not individually - that's where the Crop-a-dile comes in mighty handy) and put them all on a ring.

From this experience I realised that I totally ADORE Maya Mists - they're the bees knees! And Glimmer Mists are grand in a totally different way.

Then I looked at the link that Michelle had on her blog to the Maya Road blog and their samplers and I think I want to do the fabric cabbage roses too. Ummmmmm. Yummy.

Back to Glimmer Mist. It really is a fabulous product! When I did the Tattered Angels Mistified classes and learnt a whole lot of things about Glimmer Mist I couldn't wait to get stuck into applying it to everything.

Well now I've made a start.

The other day I said no to Caitlin buying a grey hoodie jacket cos I didn't think it was pretty or girly enough but then my creative side said "we could decorate it!"
The hoodie sat there for a week cos I didn't get around to it and then I remembered what I learnt about Glimmer Mist.

Caitlin and I have decided to try out the wash-out-ability of Glimmer Mist and have a decorated hoodie that is different after every wash. Let's see what happens.

So here's the first instalment (woops about forgetting to put the paper towel around the edge of the stencil!)

Now - that stencil!!! I have to tell you about that.

The other day I was asked the question "What crafty fun have you bought lately?" (well, actually a blog post asked me) and it reminded me that, although I don't buy very much stuff - I have a supply that will last for years and years - I have bought some super duper stencils.

I don't know where I found the link but I found Mary Beth Shaw and her stencils and decided to have me some.

I had the greatest fun testing them out in my "mol-uh-skeen-uh" (ha ha) while combining Glimmer Mists to see what colours would happen.

Just before we went away we washed Caitlin's grey jacket (Note: the darker red didn't completely wash out, but take into account that I didn't pay any particular attention to it either) and redecorated.

The Fam was impressed with many "ooh"s and "aah"s and "Did you do that?!"s.

Yes, indeedy doody, we did!!!. This time we used a Glimmer Screen as a stamp. Awesome! We're taking fashion to a new level of unique!!!

Ok. That's all for now.


Anonymous said...

More OOh's and Ahh's from me too. Glad to see your creativity being expressed in new ways.

Peg said...

coo-ell, what a fabulous idea, and Susannah looks gorgeous too!

Peg said...

Oops, sorry Caitlin!

kathie said...

Wow. They all look fabulous! Is the glimmermist waterproof? I hadn't twigged to that - I guess I didn't really have any intention of using it on anything washable, lol. But now it explains why I'm seeing people decorating canvas bags and aprons and other stuff with it. d'oh!