Saturday, 7 August 2010

Cooking Creation

On a very rare occasion I would watch a snippet of MasterChef as I walked past the lounge room. On those rare occasions I often learnt something.

For instance, I learnt that you should put the oil on the meat not in the pan (but I don't know why) and I learnt how to make spun sugar.

One other thing I noted was that we (that's Caitlin and me!) could make up our own Scotch Egg styled recipe, having been inspired by Adam and his Prawn Scotch Egg with a Coconut, Chilli Sambal.

So Cait and I mulled on the idea for a few weeks, waited for a time when we had chicken mince and the time needed to create.

That all came together this evening (well the idea and the chicken mince. The time was a little lacking but we persevered).

And now I present Cheggs!

Cheggs get the thumbs-up and a high-five and a bargaining request to have them once a month.

What do you think?

Hope your dinner was this much fun.


Oh, and I forgot to say...
They're baked, not fried!!!

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