Thursday, 10 February 2011

A couple of layouts and an explanation

I have done 2 layouts this year. This is my leanest year so far since I started scrapbooking in 2003. By this stage last year I had produced at least 12 layouts and other projects as well. And other years I have produced nearly 50 by the end of February.
Well not this year. Besides moving, other things have taken their toll on my time and motivation and creativity.

And then, as I mentioned last post, my camera stopped working.
I have now borrowed a camera (a Canon 5D) and have managed to work out how to at least get a photo of the two layouts I have done so far. That's a good start, eh?!

The first layout: I started doing this layout the day after Declan's birthday. I think I finished it about 10 days later.

It's called 8 candles but really Declan had one candle and we lit it and he blew it out 8 times. That was fun - different. Inspiration came from a variety of sources - most predominantly this one and another one by this one by Kathie Link.

The second layout was inspired by Nicole Pomeroy's layout and then combined the kind of ideas that Kathie and others use. I really would have liked to doodle up a little yellow bicycle matching the cuteness of Julie's Yellow Taxi but I also wanted to use the Crate Paper bicycle that was in the kit that I won (unknowlingly for 10 days) from the Blue Bazaar Blog.

Here's the result - a happy combination of products and inspiration. That's Declan and Hudson on their new bikes.

That's all for today.


Bree said...

Love all your work!
Love Bree :)

Heather J. said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, love your style ...hugz x

kathie said...

Wow. Thanks for the compliment. I love both of your layouts! I am particularly partial to the top one, seeing as it has grass fronds on it. you know how much I love them :)