Thursday, 10 February 2011

She Sells Sea Shells...

More appropriately and equally as tongue twisting - She sees sea shells by the sea shore - maybe not equally as, but close.

There is a certain fascination that I have with shells. There is a mystery about them. Something special. I think the children find this so as well.
When we first arrived at Brighton Beach we could hardly get ourselves into the water for the sheer addictive delight of finding so many wonderful shells. We collected, we sorted, we collected some more (we swam) and collected, into the twilight.

The other day I decided to take some photos to show you the kinds of sea houses we have found. All was going along flowingly (trying to allude to the movement of the sea) until my camera crashed. It just stopped right in the middle of me taking photos. End of story.

Well not really, but I'm being dramatic. My camera is away for repairs (oh how I want it back) and I have been left feeling like there is an empty space - a camera-shaped space - in my life. Fortunately for me, DH is a photographer and he has lent me a camera to tide me over.

Here are the photos I took before my camera dumped me. Sorry there is no size reference, except the one with my index finger pointing at the tiny shell. After that photo I found a teensy weensy shell about a quarter of the size of that one.

One day I might look up Sea Shells of NSW and see what these beauties are called.

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Heather J. said...

wow these are awesome Diane..I collected shells as a child and had quite an amazing collection ... our dad made a beautiful glass topped box to house them in but unfortunately our step mother smashed them in one of her rages !!!!! I do have photos though must have had fun collecting these .. well done ... hugz x