Monday, 11 April 2011

Creative Relief

The opportunity for some creative relief came in the form of a whole Saturday (as in a whole Saturday - from Friday night to Sunday morning) to do as I pleased.
I was pleased to easily fit some scrapbooking into my usual Saturday chores.

My first layout was helped along quite nicely by taking a few bits of inspiration from Louise. While I was having fun working in pink and Glimmer Mists and masks and tissue paper I did a second background ready to roll when the next scrapbooking opportunity comes my way.

For the second layout I used Nic Howard as my inspiration. As I was putting down my layers I thought about how appropriate it was to do a layout with a photo of a butterfly, cos if I remember rightly Nic is into butterflies in a pretty big way.

Beauty in the Backyard: One morning we woke to find both a male and a female papilio aegeus butterfly in our back yard. Here is Caitlin holding the female. We've tried hard to find the caterpillars but we can't see any evidence of them even though we have quite a supply of citrus trees in our back yard. They must be loving on someone else's Rutaceae.

And guess what?! Blue Bazaar is having another Crop Bootcamp so these are the first two layouts for that. 2 down, 28 to go!!!

SO there you go.

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