Monday, 29 August 2011

Birthday Girl, Birthday Boy, Birthday Cake

One day I happed upon this recipe - Brown Sugar Sponge Cake With Caramel Pears - and I immediately decided it was to be the next birthday cake because, as you may already know, it's not a birthday without a birthday cake in our family.

It just so happened that the next birthday cakees were Susannah who turned 16, and Moses, my grandson, who turned 1 on the same day.

Well, making the cake was a learning experience. I didn't beat half of the mixture anywhere near enough and ended up with two 1cm think omelette-y pancakes to be sandwiched by the two sponge cakes that I did mix enough.

Also, crème fraiche is different to sour cream and did not respond in any way like it was supposed to. Not only that but we did not have a big enough bowl (our big Sunbeam mixer bowl was broken and I miss it deeply) and this is what happens when she-who-shall-not-be-named got to work in the kitchen :).

Enough of the cake! Where are the birthday cakees?!

And if you want to see a photo of Moses eating his first bit of birthday cake (and maybe his first bit of cake?) take a look here :)

PS I'll be making that cake again! I'll do it the same, but better!!!

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