Tuesday, 2 August 2011

More Blue then moving on

They're up to purple in Nic Howard's Colour! Or is it Color? class at Big Picture Classes but I got stuck on blue. At last, I have finished my blue layouts. It was hard. I think it was mostly because I was lacking in any choice of blue papers and cardstock and embellishments..

It really is AWESOME to be able to go to the beach in the middle of winter. Instead of swimming the kids get creative with sand and shells.

Reuben didn't want go to the city and see the Vivid light show around Circular Quay and on the Opera House. But I think he actually enjoyed himself. I'm looking forward to next year's display. It really was fabulous - especially the show on Customs House.

It doesn't matter what the weather is like, it is always a wonder to look out across the bay. I love the colours of the beach, the sea and the sky. I can hardly believe that we live within walking distance of this lovely scene.


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