Thursday, 28 July 2011

Blue, Haiku and other things

Neither of these presentations of my blue layout for the Colour! Or is it Color? class is what I started out with. I will spare you the wordy details. Suffice it to say that all I could think was "Finish it and you never have to look at it again!"
So here it is in all it's blueness!

Things I learnt...
Blue is not one of my favourite colours but I'll get over it.
Haiku ain't that easy to write. If you want to have a go check out this article - it's the best one I found on the topic.
Belle seems to have the knack of writing Haiku. Check out her Hump Day Haiku blog post.
When things aren't going to plan, save yourself some stress - just walk away. That's what I should have done with this layout rather than trying to work it out in my sleep. SIGH.

The other day Belle told me about the "get a real camera" ad campaign - they have posters that say things like "If your camera also sends text messages, that will explain why your photos are rubbish."
I don't think so. I like my Instagram and Hipstamatic photos and all the other camera apps that I have, as does Cathy Zielski who has made a fabulous template to use with your iPhone photos (or any photos really) . But I must admit, after a while of just taking iPhone photos I crave to take photos with my DSLR and my (possession is nine tenths of the law!) phat lens.
Both cameras have their positive points. Horses for courses!

I'll leave you with a (or is it an) Haiku by Cathy Zielski.

Runs are like scrapbooks.
Actually! That's not true.
Forget I said that.


Belle said...

Excuse me, Miss Modest, but you had written some very good haiku before I turned up the other day, if I remember correctly!

I have no more of a knack than you, and it could even be argued that any knack I have is FROM you, seeing as you produced me and all.

Anonymous said...

Oh DI,
I LOVE this.Really love it.
Well done.